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TeamWox logo.png
Developer(s) MetaQuotes Software
Initial release February 2009
Stable release
Written in C++
Operating system Windows
Type Enterprise software
License Proprietary

TeamWox is a business collaboration software developed by MetaQuotes Software Corp. for the company internal use and commercially released in 2009 both as on-premises version and a service.


TeamWox system is a web server application written in C++. The server component can be installed on a PC having Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or higher but it cannot be installed on Linux OS. TeamWox does not use any third-party components such as IIS or Apache but it requires Firebird database management system.


TeamWox system interface is translated into 30 languages. There is no independent data on the number of system orders and implementations, as of 2011.


TeamWox received the following awards

  • 2012 Top Ten Best CRM Software.[1]
  • Best Soft 2010[2] and Best Soft 2011[3] from PC Magazine/RE.


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