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Team 3 Group Ltd.
Native name
Team 3 Management & Investments 1997 Ltd.
privately owned company
Founded1990 (29 years ago) (1990)
FoundersYoram Gilboa (RIP), Nir Gilboa, Yair Lerner, Shmuel Boxer
HeadquartersScience Park,
Key people
Nir Gilboa, Group CEO
Servicessecurity services, dispatch/operations center & electronic security systems, fire safety systems, cleaning & general services
Number of employees

Team 3 Management & Investments Ltd. (also known as the Team 3 Group) is a group of Israeli companies, established in 1990, whose head office is located at Science Park, Rehovot, Israel. The Team 3 Group is involved in the fields of security, dispatch/operations center services & electronic security systems, fire safety systems, cleaning and general services, manpower selection & placement. In 2014, according to the BDI Company Rating, the Team 3 Group was rated among Israel's 5 largest companies in the fields of security & cleaning services [1]


The Team 3 Group was founded in 1990 by the late Brigadier-General (IDF, res.) Yoram Gilboa and his son Nir Gilboa as a company offering security and guard services. In 1994, Yoram Gilboa died following a heart attack; his son Nir took over as CEO and continues to lead the Group to this day. At the outset, the Group's head office was located in Tel-Aviv. Later on, the Group's head office was relocated to Rehovot, where the Group is located to this day.[2]

Team 3 Group Member Companies[edit]

Team 3 Security[edit]

The Team 3 Security Company was established in 1990. The Company provides cutting-edge security and guard services on various levels – from individual security inspectors to comprehensive security layouts – for hundreds of clients throughout Israel. The Company provides services to an extensive range of clients in various industries and fields of activity, such as high-tech companies, financial companies, institutions, international organizations, embassies, prestigious residential buildings, et al. Shmuel ("Shmulik") Razon is Company CEO.[3]

Team 3 Cleaning & General Services[edit]

The Team 3 Cleaning & General Services Company was established in 1992. The Company provides cleaning, maintenance and pest control services. Ehud ("Udi") Gonen is Company CEO.

Team 3 Dispatch/Operations Center & Security Services[edit]

The Team 3 Group entered the field of technological security in 1994 when it established the Team 3 Dispatch/Operations Center & Security Services Company, which provides advanced patrol and dispatch/operations center services and installs an extensive range of security systems, including burglar alarm systems, surveillance cameras, intercom systems, access control systems and so forth.

The Team 3 Dispatch/Operations Center & Security Services Company acquired the operations of the Moked 101 Company in 2013, thereby becoming Israel's second largest dispatch/operations center, providing services to some 25,000 institutional, business and private clients nationwide. Avner Ben-Arie is Company CEO.[4] Moked 101 was represented by the law firm of Rosenberg Abramovich Schneller, Advocates.[5]

Shmira KaHalacha 3 Ltd[edit]

The Team 3 Group acquired the Shmira KaHalacha 3 Ltd. Company (also known as Shmira KaHalacha) in 2006. The Shmira KaHalacha Company provides dispatch/ operations center and patrol services and installations of electronic security systems to the religious and orthodox sectors, in accordance with the strict provisions of Jewish religious law.[6] Avner Ben-Arie and Rabbi Daniel Gilbert are joint Company CEOs.

Team 3 Fire Safety Systems Ltd[edit]

In 2012, the Team 3 Group acquired the Team 3 Fire Safety Systems Ltd. Company, which provides services associated with the installation of fire detection and extinguishing systems, including planning, system installation and maintenance. Avner Ben-Arie is Company CEO.[7]

Employee Committee[edit]

As reported for the year 2015, the Team 3 Group had about 4,700 employees. In 2008, the employee committee of the Team 3 Group incorporated into a union and chose the New General Trade Union (Histadrut) as their representative trade union. The Team 3 Group became the first services group in the security and cleaning categories that supported the establishment of an employee committee.


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