Team Antonsen

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Team Antonsen
DVD 1 cover
Created by Atle Antonsen
Harald Eia
Bård Tufte Johansen
Kristopher Schau
Starring Atle Antonsen
Harald Eia
Bård Tufte Johansen
Kristopher Schau
Country of origin Norway
No. of episodes 16
Running time 30 min
Original network NRK1
Original release January 7 – February 26, 2004
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Team Antonsen was a Norwegian sketch comedy television program which was shown on TV in spring 2004 on the Norwegian public channel NRK. The show consisted of four well-known comedians: Atle Antonsen, Harald Eia, Bård Tufte Johansen and Kristopher Schau performing various sketches. The show typically made fun of spoken Nynorsk and Sami, as well as regional dialects from all over Norway—most commonly from Northern Norway and the cities of Bergen and Trondheim. Celebrities often appeared on the show—among others famous writer Anne Holt and accomplished singer Bertine Zetlitz. Team Antonsen had an average viewer-rating of over 700 000 viewers, a high figure for a late-night TV show in a country with 4.6 million people.

The show also spawned a stage comedy show called Team Antonsen Live: One Night Only, which was performed in Oslo Spektrum in May 2004. The comedians originally only planned one showing, but when tickets sold out they decided on performing one more, called Team Antonsen Live: One More Night Only.

The series won several Norwegian comedy awards, most notably the 2004 Gullruten for best humor show, Komiprisen for best show, as well as Komiprisen viewer's award for their sketch Hjemme hos Haakon Børde (At Home with Haakon Børde).

Team Eckbo was a continuation of Team Antonsen which replaced Schau with fellow Norwegian comedian Espen Eckbo. Eckbo took over Antonsen's role as the "leader" of the team. Antonsen, Schau, Tufte Johansen and Eia have performed together and with others in various configurations both before and after Team Antonsen, including the TV shows Midt i smørøyet, Lille lørdag, Åpen post, Storbynatt, Hjernevask, Tre brødre som ikke er brødre, Uti vår hage 1 and 2 and radio shows Verdensherredømme and Kommisjonen (on Kanal 24) / Misjonen (on P4).

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