Team Bangladesh F.C. (Palau)

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Team Bangladesh FC (Palau)
Full name Team Bangladesh Football Club
Nickname(s) Team Bangladesh
Founded 2004
Ground PCC Track & Field Stadium
Ground Capacity 4000
Manager Shakhawat Hossain
League Palau Soccer League
2012 1st (Spring League)
3rd (Fall League – ongoing)

Team Bangladesh Football Club is a Palauan association football club founded in 2004 which plays in the Palau Soccer League. Team Bangladesh are the most successful team in Palau. They are the only team to take part in every Palau Soccer League season[citation needed] and have won it 3 times, more than any other club.[1]


Team Bangladesh was founded in 2004 as a club to take part in the new Palau Soccer League, which started the same year.[2] Other teams in Palau were also formed in 2004 to take part in the league, but Team Bangladesh were the only one of these original teams to remain in the league for the 2012 season.[3]


  • Palau Soccer League: 3
2005, 2006–07, 2012.


Squad list[edit]

As of 15 November 2012

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
2 Bangladesh GK Firoz Mahmub
3 Bangladesh Asmamaw M. Ansebeo
4 Bangladesh Aminul Islam
5 Bangladesh Hossain Anoware
6 Bangladesh Mohamed Shamim Hossain
7 Bangladesh Lokman Hossain
8 Bangladesh Mohoshin Miah
No. Position Player
9 Bangladesh Mohamed Ruhul Amin
10 Bangladesh Nijam
11 Bangladesh Mohamed Shakhawat Hossain
12 Bangladesh Main Uddin
13 Bangladesh Awlad Hossain
14 Fiji Malakai Bitu



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