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Team Dignitas
Divisions Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
League of Legends
Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
Heroes of the Storm
Founded 2004
Location United Kingdom
Manager Michael O'Dell
Partners Killer
Western Digital
Parent group Philadelphia 76ers (2016–present)

Team Dignitas is an International e-Sports team which is headquartered in the United Kingdom. It was founded on 9 September 2003 as a fusion of the Battlefield 1942 clans Legion Condor and Sweden Kompanix and it was acquired by the Philadelphia 76ers in September 2016.[1] While the clan began as a pure Battlefield clan in the beginning, it has since expanded into a wider range of games. In July 2004, Team Dignitas was registered as a company: Team Dignitas Ltd. The Managing Director is Michael "ODEE" O'Dell. Team Dignitas League of Legends currently competes in the North American League of Legends Championship Series, having been merged with Apex Gaming under 76ers ownership[2]. The team had previously been relegated from the league by Team Dragon Knights[3].

Games participated in[edit]

Unlike other major gaming teams, Dignitas is known to also support games that are less popular or have smaller communities. Currently, the organization has teams competing in the following games:


Honors and achievements[edit]

In 2006 the Battlefield 2 team was chosen as the Battlefield 2 Team of the Year by[5] In May 2007 the British scene page put the Counter-Strike 1.6 team as number one in Britain.[6] By winning the first official international Enemy Territory: Quake Wars tournament at QuakeCon2007 the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars team gained the fame as the best team in the world. The World in Conflict team of Team Dignitas was nominated for the eSports Award 2007 as "eSport Team of the Year".[7] In early 2008, the team's French FIFA player Maxime "Aghaton" Paulet was chosen as the Best French FIFA 07 player by the French community site[8] Towards the end of 2008, chose their Counter-Strike: Source team was recognized as the best European team, and won the award for best overall team.[9][10] In early 2009, Dignitas' Call of Duty 4 and the Team Fortress 2 teams both managed to place first in's European rankings for three consecutive months.[11][12][13][14][15][16]

Throughout the years Team Dignitas was able to achieve numerous important victories. In 2007 Dignitas was able to announce its first ever World Champion with Freek "XeNoGeaR" winning the Trackmania Nations competition at the Electronic Sports World Cup (he also came second at the ESWC 2008 one year later) and taking home $10.000. Later also Fredrik "Bergie", Jesper "KarjeN" and Carl-Antoni "Carl Jr." have won big Trackmania competitions. August 2007 the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars team came victorious in the first ever International Quake Wars tournament at Quakecon 2007, taking home $22.000.[17] Also in 2007, Team Dignitas player Shaun "Apollo" Clark placed first in Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars at the World Cyber Games 2007, winning $12,000. The World Cyber Games 2008 could again be won by Team Dignitas, this time by Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath player Pascal "Dackel" Pfefferle ($10,000). In January 2011, Team Dignitas player Jeffrey "SjoW" Brusi won $7,500 after placing first in the Starcraft 2 IEM European Tournament.[18]

Media appearances[edit]

Apollo being interviewed by BBC Radio 1

Team Dignitas has been in both local and mainstream media over the years. During the Electronic Sports World Cup 2007, Team Dignitas kept an online diary about the team's attendance at the event on the BBC website.[19] Between November 2007 and February 2008, Dignitas FIFA player Jonas "IstvaN" Salomonsen was frequently featured in Danish television like DR1 or DR2.[20][21] In March 2008, David "Zaccubus" Treacy was featured in the BBC 1 Six O'Clock news where he is asked about his opinion on the game Manhunt 2.[22] In August 2008, global microprocessor manufacturer Intel has released a video about Dignitas member David "Zaccubus" Treacy on its official website.[23] At the World Cyber Games 2008 UK Qualifier, Dignitas player Shaun "Apollo" Clark was interviewed by BBC Radio 1. Team Dignitas players have also been featured in local print media. Examples are Jesper "EnergetiC" Hallberg who was interviewed in an article of local Swedish newspaper "Mälaröarnas Nyheter".[24] Also Israeli FIFA player Yossi "RuBiNaLDo" Rubin was featured in the local newspaper "News of Netanya".[25] Moreover, since August 2007 the British computer magazine PC Format has a regular feature about Team Dignitas in which players of the team blog about recent events.

League of Legends[edit]

Team Dignitas sold their newly European LCS-qualified League of Legends team to Follow eSports, who soon after rebranded as Splyce, on 3 November 2015 for nearly £625,000 ($1 million).[26]


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive[edit]

Country ID Name Join date
 Norway cromen Jørgen Robertsen 2017-05-23 [27]
 Portugal FOX Ricardo Pacheco 2017-03-20 [28]
 Denmark Tenzki Jesper Plougmann 2017-05-23 [27]
 Norway jkaem Joakim Myrbostad 2017-03-20 [28]
 Norway RUBINO Ruben Villarroel 2017-03-20 [28]
 Norway zEVES (Coach) Morten Vollan 2017-05-23 [27]

League of Legends[edit]

Country ID Name Role
 South Korea Ssumday Kim Chan-ho Top
 South Korea Chaser Lee Sang-hyun Jungle
 South Korea Keane Lae-Young Jang Mid
 Canada LOD Benjamin deMunck AD
 United States Xpecial Alex Chu Support


ID Name Role Join date End of contract
Shiphtur Danny Le Mid 2015-10-20

Heroes of the Storm[edit]

ID Name Role Join date
Bakery James Baker Support 2015-10-01
JayPL Jérôme Trinh Tank 2015-11-23
Mene Thomas Cailleux Carry 2016-02-16
Snitch Josh Bennett Carry 2015-10-01
Zaelia Kenneth Rasmusen Flex 2017-01-03

SMITE Europe[edit]

ID Name Role Previous Team
Duck3y James Heseltine Solo Spicy Waffles
FrostiaK Arkadiusz Krupka Jungle Fnatic
ShadowNightmare Lewis Farrell Mid (Captain) Novus Orsa
Suntouch Peter Logan Hunter London Conspiracy
BigManTingz Jordan Theaker Support Fnatic
Zigox Markus Schreiner Sub Spicy Waffles


ID Name Role
Odee Michael O'Dell Owner/Managing Director
Sui Piet Smet Content Manager
SpadEs Marcus Persson Media Director
Bru Brynn Runion Community Manager
MepH Marek Walkowiak Squad Manager
r2k Ramesh Singh Team Advisor
NewmaN Fredrik Reinus Communications Director


League of Legends North America[edit]

ID Name Role Joined Left
Jatt Joshua Leesman Jungle September 2011 December 2011
Cruzerthebruzer Cruz Ogden Sub/Top November 2013 May 2014
ZionSpartan Darshan Upadhyaha Top May 2014 October 2014
Scarra William Li Mid September 2011 October 2014
Imaqtpie Michael Santana AD September 2011 October 2014
Crumbzz Alberto Rengifo Jungle October 2011 February 2015
KiWiKiD Alan Nguyen Support September 2011 April 2016
Shiphtur Danny Le Mid 2015-10-20

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive[edit]

ID Name Role Joined Left
cajunb Rene Borg Rifler/AWPer February 2014 February 2015
device Nicolai Reedtz AWPer February 2014 February 2015
dupreeh Peter Rasmussen Rifler (Entry-Fragger) February 2014 February 2015
karrigan Finn Andersen In-Game Leader December 2014 February 2015
Xyp9x Andreas Højsleth Rifler February 2014 February 2015
FeTiSh Henrik Christensen In-Game Leader February 2014 March 2015
Nico Nicolaj Jensen AWPer February 2015 September 2015
schneider Andreas Lindberg AWPer September 2015 October 2015
aizy Philip Aistrup Rifler January 2015 November 2015
Pimp Jacob Winneche Rifler/AWPer January 2015 November 2015
Kjaerbye Markus Kjærbye Rifler January 2015 May 2016
MSL Mathias Lauridsen Lurker/In-Game Leader March 2015 December 2016
k0nfig Kristian Wienecke Rifler November 2015 December 2016
RUBINO Ruben Villarroel Rifler November 2015 December 2016
cajunb René Borg Rifler/AWPer May 2016 December 2016
Magiskb0Y Emil Reif Rifler June 2016 December 2016


ID Name Role New Team
AnatoLiy Anatoliy Alekseyenok Solo Team Eager
TheBest Jeremy Dailey Mid Five Angry Men
Shing Alex Rosa Solo Five Angry Men
ADUR0 Elijah Ashton Sub Legion of Carrots
Lassiz Drew Boyd Jungle/Mid Team Eager
DaretoCare Brendan Daniels Support/Jungle Team Eager
Gnaw Darrel Elston Mid Team Eager
Zapman Steven Zapas Hunter Team Eager
Shadowq Erich Grabowski Support Five Angry Men
TheDarkDodo Daniele Minnielli Solo Team Leftovers
iRens Rens Oostenbach Hunter N/A
Frezzyy Oskar Lasota Support Hungry for More
Variety Harry Cumming Solo Hungry for More
YOUNGBAE Aiman Azmir Hunter Epsilon eSports

League of Legends Europe[edit]

ID Name Role Joined Left
Wunderwear Martin Hansen Top February 2015 October 2015
Sencux Chres Laursen Mid February 2015 October 2015
Kobbe Kasper Kobberup AD February 2015 October 2015
Nisbeth Nicolai Nisbeth Support February 2015 October 2015
Obvious Dennis Sørensen Jungle April 2015 October 2015
Zytan Niklas Lakeniemi Support February 2015 February 2015

Fighting Games[edit]

ID Name Game Character(s) Joined Left
Ryan Hart Ryan Hart Ultra Street Fighter IV Sagat 2014-06-25[29] 2015-02-10[30]

Tournament results[edit]

League of Legends[edit]

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive[edit]

Heroes Of The Storm[edit]

  • 1st — 2017 Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Phase #1 Western Clash[38]


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