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Team Indie
Developer(s)Brightside Games

Team Indie is a crossover video game developed by Brightside Games in collaboration with various indie game developers.


One day, a man and his cat Oskar receive a package with another cat named Marvin. Feeling fear for being replaced, Oskar has an argument with Marvin, and rips his necklace off. And for an unknown circumstance, Marvin ends up trapped in the video game world. Now, Marvin has to team up with other video game characters in order to return to the real world, but Oskar has other plans.


Original characters[edit]

  • Marvin
  • Oskar

Featured characters[edit]

Character Video game Developer
Commander Video Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien Gaijin Games / Choice Provisions
Clunk Awesomenauts Ronimo Games
Super Crate Box Guy Super Crate Box Vlambeer
Black Fluff Ball Badland Frogmind
Tiny Tiny & Big in Grandpa's Leftovers Black Pants Studio
Mi Knytt Underground Nifflas’ Games
J. Jitters The Great Jitters: Pudding Panic Kunststoff
Dustgirl Dustforce Hitbox Team
Tim Braid Number None


Marcus Estrada of HardcoreGamer gave the game 2/5 calling it unique and competent, however not as good as the original games of the characters.[1] Sander Hölsgens of Gamer gave the game 5.5/10 and noted that game has subpar level design and little interesting gameplay besides the time manipulation.[2]