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Team Sleep
Chino Moreno live.jpg
Vocalist Chino Moreno performing live
Background information
Origin Sacramento, California, United States
Years active 2000–present
Labels Maverick Records
Associated acts Deftones, Tinfed, Hella, Pinback, Helium, Phallucy, Decibel Devils, Mike Patton, Smashing Pumpkins, Goon Moon, Crosses (band), Death Grips
Members Chino Moreno
Todd Wilkinson
DJ Crook
Rick Verret
Chuck Doom
Gil Sharone
Past members Zach Hill

Team Sleep is an American experimental alternative rock/post-rock group led by singer/guitarist Chino Moreno. Moreno is better known for fronting the Sacramento-based alternative metal band Deftones.

In 2007, Team Sleep was composed of Moreno, guitarist Todd Wilkinson, turntablist DJ Crook, drummer Zach Hill and bass guitarist/keyboardist Rick Verrett. Team Sleep's music touches on a variety of genres, including dream pop,[1][2] trip hop,[3][4][2] indie rock,[1] post-rock,[3] ambient music,[3][2] psychedelic music,[4] lo-fi music,[4] and electronica.[1][3][4]

Early years[edit]

Team Sleep started when Moreno and his friend Todd Wilkinson bought a cassette tape Portastudio-type four-track recorder in 1994. They continued this collaboration through the first two Deftones albums, though on a rather casual basis. Wilkinson said,

"We were never going to make a record, or start a band ... I was just sitting at home, playing guitar, and I started recording some stuff. It was never about trying to play shows, record in a studio, or anything of that sort. It was just bumming around. I had never been in a band, and I never wanted to be—we were just good friends."[5]

DJ Crook, a long-time friend and roommate of Deftones turntablist/keyboardist Frank Delgado, added beats and turntables to "Teenager", a song featuring glitch and trip hop influences.[6] Originally intended as a Team Sleep song, "Teenager" was ultimately included on White Pony (2000), the third Deftones album.

Team Sleep performed a number of live shows on the United States' west coast in late 2001 and early 2002, with Moreno, Wilkinson, Dan Elkan (Pocket For Corduroy), Sonny Mayugba (Phallucy), Zach Hill (Hella), Rick Verrett (Tinfed), Joel Tidwell, and DJ Crook handling instrumentation. Their early live set included a loose cover of the Smashing Pumpkins' "The Aeroplane Flies High (Turns Left, Looks Right)" among others.

Debut album[edit]

A full album's worth of material was finished in 2002–03, but not officially released. The instrumental song "The Passportal" was included in the April 2003 soundtrack album The Matrix Reloaded: The Album for the film The Matrix Reloaded.[7]

Singers Mike Patton (Mr. Bungle, Fantomas, Faith No More) and Melissa Auf der Maur (ex-Hole, ex-Smashing Pumpkins) were involved in recording sessions, but their contributions were not included on the final album. Singers Rob Crow (of San Diego based band Pinback) and Mary Timony (of the band Helium) were the only vocalists other than Moreno on the debut album.

Team Sleep's record was originally scheduled for release in November 2004, but Maverick Records were reportedly so impressed by the album they postponed the release until mid-2005 to allow for promotion. The debut album carries only five of the original tracks, three of those heavily reworked. A DJ named 'C-Minus' opening at a Deftones concert at the House of Blues in West Hollywood in October 2004 premiered the Team Sleep song "Cambodia" to the crowd. This song's title was later changed to "Ever (Foreign Flag)". The official Team Sleep website was mounted in early 2005 and included songs and videos for free downloading.

Team Sleep was finally released on May 10, 2005, to mostly positive reviews. "The best part about it is having completion of something you've been working on, and having it done right," Moreno said in a statement. "It's fun, working with different people, everybody works differently. When I have time off from music, I want to make other music. That's what I do, that's what's fun, that's what makes me happy."[8]

"Ever (Foreign Flag)", co-written with producer Greg Wells, is considered to be the first single from Team Sleep. Notably absent from the completed album are "Mercedes", "Apollonia", "Iceache", "Death by Plane", "Solid Gold", "Acoustic One", and "Kool-Aid Party". The demo "Cambodia" was revamped and appeared on the album in the form of "Ever (Foreign Flag)" and "Natalie Portman" was revised into "Live from the Stage".

Following Team Sleep's first release, the band toured and began posting various demos on their MySpace page.


Studio albums
Live albums
  • Woodstock Sessions, Vol. 4 (2015)


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