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Team Sweden
Team Sweden Roller Derby logo.jpg
Founded 2011

Blue and yellow

Head coach Swede Hurt
Manager Fluke Skywalker

Team Sweden represents Sweden in women's international roller derby. The team was first formed to compete at the 2011 Roller Derby World Cup, and finished the tournament in sixth place.

Sweden's first bout was on 8 October 2011, against Team Finland in Helsinki, in what Stockholm Roller Derby claimed was "the world's first Roller Derby bout between two nations".[1] Sweden won by 135 points to 71.[2] One of the team's skaters predicted that Sweden would finish in the top five at the World Cup.[3]

At the World Cup, Sweden lost their quarter final to Australia by 126 points to 80,[4] then beat New Zealand[5] and lost to Finland in the consolations stage, to finish in sixth place.[6]

Team roster[edit]

2011 team roster[edit]

During the first tryout for the team, three skaters suffered fractures.[3] Nineteen of the team's initial twenty-skater roster came from Women's Flat Track Derby Association-affiliated leagues, the large majority from the Crime City Rollers and Stockholm Roller Derby.[7] The list below is the roster used for Team Sweden's appearance at the 2011 Roller Derby World Cup, with the skaters' league affiliations being those as of at the time of the announcement:

Number Name League
Alotta Riot Crime City Rollers
Ankefar Crime City Rollers
Barbara Barfight Crime City Rollers
Becky Lawless Stockholm Roller Derby
Bess I'rv Cold Stockholm Roller Derby
Fenix Fortsomfan Crime City Rollers
Firebird Steele Crime City Rollers
Fisty Crime City Rollers
HussInsane Stockholm Roller Derby
HyperNova Stockholm Roller Derby
Jazz Ass Stockholm Roller Derby
Jo Evil Eye Crime City Rollers
Kit Kat Power London Rockin' Rollers
Kix deVille Stockholm Roller Derby
Knickerblocker Glory London Rollergirls
Mad Maloony Crime City Rollers
Ninja Crime City Rollers
Swede Hurt Crime City Rollers
Twist'd T Stockholm Roller Derby
Vix Viking Crime City Rollers

Coaching staff[edit]


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