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Team tennis is a tennis tournament which consist of matches between different groups of players each competing to win the tournament for their team. The format is usually an altered version of the professionally played World TeamTennis format; consisting of both Men's and Women's matches with Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles.[1]

By country[edit]

It is played at the collegiate or national level in the United States. The United States Tennis Association promotes junior team tennis and USTA League Tennis.[2] The National Collegiate Athletic Association organizes competitions such as the NCAA Division I Men's Tennis Championship and NCAA Division I Women's Tennis Championship. Many regions have their own "city-based" or "area-based"[3] teams (often backed by a professional player)[4] with a National Championship in the US.[5]

In the United Kingdom, team tennis is played through schools and clubs from local to national levels. The Lawn Tennis Association have an 'AEGON Team Tennis Series' where several thousands of teams compete.

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