Teamwork (sculpture)

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Artist Omri Amrany
Year 2001
Type bronze
Dimensions 380 cm (148 in)
Location Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Coordinates 43°01′46″N 87°58′22″W / 43.02944°N 87.97283°W / 43.02944; -87.97283Coordinates: 43°01′46″N 87°58′22″W / 43.02944°N 87.97283°W / 43.02944; -87.97283
Owner Miller Park

Teamwork is a public sculpture by Omri Amrany located at Miller Park west of downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Teamwork is cast in bronze and honors three Iron Workers Local 8 members killed during the construction of the new baseball stadium.[1] The sculpture was commissioned by the Habush, Habush and Rottier Charitable Foundation for $250,000.[1][2][3]


Teamwork depicts three figures dressed for construction work. All wear jeans, t-shirts, boots and hardhats. One holds a clipboard.


The sculpture honors William DeGrave, Jerome Starr and Jeffrey Wischer, three ironworkers who were killed by a piece of the stadium's retractable roof that fell when a crane failed during the construction of Miller Park. The widows of the workers, Marjorie DeGrave, Ramona Dulde-Starr and Patricia Wischer, settled a lawsuit against crane-maker Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of America for $57 million.[1] Attorney Robert L. Habush represented two of the widows in their suit.[1][3]


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