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Tears of Joy Theatre is a puppet theatre company located in the Portland metropolitan area of Oregon. It was founded in 1971 by Janet and Reg Bradley. The company tours two shows a year to schools in Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, Montana and Nevada, and puts on four mainstage shows yearly. They collaborated with Bag & Baggage Productions in December 2012 for an adaptation of The Velveteen Rabbit.[1]


Tears of Joy is the recipient of four Citations of Excellence from UNIMA USA
in Puppetry Arts (issued by the organization Puppeteers of America).

1986[2] "Petrouchka"
1990[3] "Jumping Mouse"

1996[4] "Between Two Worlds/The Dybbuk" based on the folktale written by S. Anksy in 1920.
The script was adapted by Mark Levenson, and was directed by Reg Bradley.
The play incorporated cantal and kletzmer music and used bunraku style puppets. The
puppeteers were in full view of the audience, to represent the spirits and ghosts that
haunt the world this tale of deathless love inhabits

2009 "Pinocchio" Directed by Nancy Aldrich and written by Jon Ludwig.

Past Productions[edit]

A chronological list of performances since it debut in 1971.
1971-72: The Courageous Dragon, Mumford the Sea Monster, Aslan Meets the Shrinkerman, and Jonah
1972-73: The Legend of Aukelenuiaku, In Babel's Rubble-Fare, and Happy Hours.
1973-74: Nemo of the Four Winds, For Love of Looney.
1974-75: The Bridge of the Gods, Bigfoot in the Backyard, The Breadman Cometh.
1975-76: The Happy Prince, and Alice in Voterland
1976-77: Miser of Tahoma, Trouble at the Fort, and Alice in Wonderland (version 1)
1977-78: Sungura the Hare (version 1)
1978-79: The Black Heart of Indri
1979-80: You Are What You Eat (Nutrition Show), Inanna in the Underworld, and Rime of the Ancient Mariner
1980-81: The Magic Calliope, Onion Skin Soup, THE MASQUE COMPANY
1981-82: Coyote and the Cedar Tree, Faces in Time (MASQUE Co.), Frogs (MASQUE Co.), Sungura the Hare (version 2)
1982-83: Lessons for a Sumo
1983-84: Jabberwocky, and A Pig's Tale
1984-85: The Gift
1985-86: Petroucka, The Magic Teakettle, Opal.
1986-87: Adventures of Fet Frumos
1987-88: Jumping Mouse
1988-89: Baba Yaga, and Hamitchou the Miser
1989-90: There's A Nightmare In My Closet, Puppetry in Action
1990-91: Rymchimchi, Aladdin & His Magic Lamp
1991-92 Alice in Wonderland (version 2), Coyote & the Cedar Tree (version 2), How Coyote Kept His Name
1992-93: No new plays produced.
1993-94: Rumpeltstiltskin, Brer Rabbit Tales, Pure Imagination, The Lucky Teakettle of Good Fortune
1994-95: Pied Piper, Monkey King, Between Two Worlds
1995-96: The Amazing Adventures of Coco-Kaba
1996-97: Fire on the Mountain, Toy Box, A Republic If You Can Keep It
1997-98: Jungle Book, Bridge of the Gods.
1998-99: The Secret of Singbonga
1999-00: Singing Our Way Home
2000-01: Cinderella, Toad Prince
2001-02: Coyote Tales, Perseus: Hero of Ancient Greece.
2002-03: Ride the Red Mare
2003-04: Anansi the Spider
2004-05 The Reluctant Dragon and Little One Inch
2005-06: No New Shows
2006-07 The Shoemake and the Elves
2007-08: Pinocchio and Stellaluna

Several guest directors have collaborated with Tears of Joy: Jan Wilkowski from Poland, Josef Krofta from the Czech Republic, and Yang Feng. In addition, Masaya Kiritaki, master of Otome Bunraku.

In November/December 2006, Tears of Joy produced "To Ride the Red Mare", which former Artistic Director Nancy Aldrich adapted from the book "A Ride On The Red Mare's Back" by Ursula K. Le Guin. Third Angle New Music Ensemble wrote and performed the music.


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