Tears of a Tiger

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Tears of a Tiger
Tears of a Tiger.jpg
Illustrator Simon Pulse
Cover artist Andreus Green
Country United States
Series Hazelwood Trilogy
Genre Realistic fiction
Publisher Atheneum
Publication date
Media type Print(hardcover)
Pages 162
ISBN 978-0-689-80698-8
Followed by Forged by Fire

Tears of a Tiger is a fiction novel written by Sharon Draper.[1][2] It was first published by Atheneum in 1994, and later on February 1, 1996 by Simon Pulse, and is part of the Hazelwood Trilogy. It depicts the story of a seventeen-year-old African American boy named Andy, who feels deeply guilty for inadvertently causing his best friend's death through drunk driving. The story is told through multiple different formats such as journal entries, first person narratives, and newspaper articles.[3]


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