Tebing Tinggi Island

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Tebing Tinggi Island is an island off the northern coast (Strait of Malacca) of Riau Province, Sumatra, Indonesia. Not to be confused with Tebing Tinggi city in North Sumatra. It is directly east of Padang Island and directly south of Rangsang Island. The population of the island at the 2010 Census was 81,008.

The capital is Selat Panjang. Other population centers include Bengkikit, Merbau, Mengkudu, Sungaitohor and Mayau around the coast, and Deremi in the interior.

Coordinates: 0°52′39″N 102°44′13″E / 0.8775°N 102.7370°E / 0.8775; 102.7370