Tebul Dogon

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Tebul Ure
Region Mali
Native speakers
3,000 (2005)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 dtu
Glottolog tebu1239[2]

The Tebul language, Tebul Ure, is a Dogon language spoken in Mali by the Tebul U (Tebul people). It was first reported under this name online by Roger Blench,[1] who reports that it appears to be the same as a language called Oru Yille in the literature. That name is an error; it means 'two words' in the Tebul language.

The language is divergent within Dogon and may constitute its own branch of that family, though it shows some affinities with the western languages.

The Tebul people also use 'village sign', Tebul Sign Language, due to a high incidence of deafness.


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