Tecate Port of Entry

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Tecate Port of Entry
Tecate port of entry.jpg
Tecate Border Inspection Station
CountryUnited States
Location405 Tecate Road, Tecate, California 91980
Coordinates32°34′37″N 116°37′38″W / 32.576852°N 116.627179°W / 32.576852; -116.627179
Phone(619) 938-8330
Hours5:00 AM-11:00 PM
Exit PortTecate, BC, Mexico
2011 Cars1,571,780
2011 Trucks51,930
US Inspection Station-Tecate
NRHP reference No.91001748
Added to NRHPFebruary 14, 1992

The Tecate Port of Entry is one three ports of entry in the San Diego–Tijuana metropolitan region. The land port is located between Tecate, California in San Diego County's Mountain Empire and Tecate Municipality in Baja California. It connects California State Route 188 with Paseo Lazero Cardenas, a spur of Mexico Federal Highway 2, as well as Federal Highway 3 to the south. It is a minor port in comparison to the larger San Ysidro Port of Entry and Otay Mesa Port of Entry. This is attributed in part to the fact that reaching the crossing on the US side requires driving on narrow, winding mountain roads.


Tecate border crossing as seen from Mexico in 1919. US Customs building is on the left

The original port of entry was established sometime prior to 1919 to inspect the traffic traveling from Tecate, BC Mexico in large part to shop at the Thing Brothers store (later the Johnson store) on the US side of the border.[1] The current historic border inspection station (where pedestrians continue to be inspected) was built in 1933; this building was listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1992. In 2005 the port was re-opened as an expansion project was completed. Vehicular traffic is now inspected in a new facility attached to the rear of the historic port. The expanded port cost US$18 million and had approximately five times as much space as the original 1933 facility.[2]

San ysidro-Tijuana Border crossing[edit]

This border crossing is the world’s busiest land border crossing at San Diego Tijuana (Mexico) Border, because it interconnects with highways of five states of the USA to Mexico.

LANES Running

Hours /day

Drive Walk
Regular Traffic 24Hrs/Day 1.45 .45
Ready Lanes 24Hrs/Day 1.30 .45
Sentri Lanes

(Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection)

24Hrs/Day .15

Otay Mesa-Tijuana Border crossing[edit]

This Border is mainly for crossing of trucks and heavy transports materials for commercial activity and other traded goods, through this port billions of dollars worth of goods were traded between USA MEXICO.

Tecate Border (Tecate USA port of entry)  [edit]

Tecate is a small town in Baja California, Mexico. It is just located on the US- Mexico border. This is a small port of entry between US and Mexico with another option for smooth, hazel free cross and less time taken at borders as compare to San ysidro-Tijuana Border crossing. Further its natural scenic beauty of mountains terrain makes Tecate a growing alternative for entry in Mexico.

LANES Running

Hours /day

Drive Walk
Regular Traffic 05AM -11PM 0.45 No delay
Ready Lane 05AM -11PM NA NA
Sentri Lane

(Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection)

05AM -11PM NA -

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