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TechSmith Corporation
IndustryComputer software
Founded1987; 35 years ago (1987)
HeadquartersOkemos, Michigan, US
Key people
William Hamilton
ProductsScreen capture, recording, and editing software

TechSmith Corporation is a software company developing screenshooting, screencasting and video editing software, for Windows and macOS, and licensing them to corporations, educational institutions, government agencies and small businesses.[1] The company was founded in Okemos, Michigan in 1987 by William Hamilton.[2] TechSmith is now headed by William Hamilton's daughter, Wendy Hamilton.

Products and Services[edit]

TechSmith provides various products and services that allow users to record and edit multimedia, as well as upload them to content-sharing platforms. The company also offers its own image and video hosting service known as The company’s products also include tools for creating presentations, and integrating with Microsoft Office platforms. Additionally, the company provides applications for market research and product design.

ScreenChamp Awards[edit]

TechSmith held an awards competition in 2011, looking for the top screencasters around the world. Entries were broken into three categories including education, industry and entertainment. A total of 15 finalists were chosen and the winners were decided by “celebrity judges”.[3]

The ScreenChamp Awards was aired on The Forge (Episode 15) on January 19, 2012 via TechSmith’s YouTube channel.[4]


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