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Tech News 2Night
Tech News 2Night cover art.jpg
Hosted by Sarah Lane (2014-15)
Megan Morrone (2015)
Genre Technology News
Language English
Updates Daily
Length 10 minutes +/-
No. of episodes 490[1]
Original release January 13, 2014 – December 18, 2015
Provider TWiT

Tech News 2Night, or TN2, was a podcast that gave a daily summary of technology news stories which took place since the morning broadcast of Tech News Today (TWiT's morning news show) and also covering news stories of the day. The show was one of several from the TWiT Network. The show premiered on January 13, 2014, and features guest journalists who report the news.[2]


Tech News 2Night was started by Lisa Kentzell (TWiT's CEO) and Leo Laporte who both wanted an evening version of Tech News Today that was briefer and gave a summary of the stories not covered during the morning broadcast. They mentioned that they were starting an evening news show during the Inside TWiT episode for October 16, 2013.[3] Episode one of TN2 appeared on January 13, 2014.[4] Tech News 2Night was shown through a live video feed along with many of the rest of the TWiT Network shows.

The show's format was similar to that of the show Tech News Today, featuring a discussion about a news story with a journalist. Sometimes the guest will have written the story.

The show originally had rotating anchors running the show for the first 20 episodes. The former nightly host rotation had previously been Mike Elgan, Fr. Robert Ballecer SJ, Lane, Jason Howell, and Shannon Morse. This was replaced in favor of "dividing and conquering" as Mike Elgan said at the end of Sarah Lane's last Tech News Today episode.[5] After the change, Sarah Lane hosted the show until January 2015 when she left the TWiT network to accept a position as executive video producer at TechCrunch.[6] Megan Morrone replaced her the following week.


Lisa Kentzell announced the cancellation of the show on December 16, 2015 by merging the show with Tech News Today at Tech News 2Night's previous 4pm time slot.[7]

All previous episodes are archived on the show's website.


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