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Industry Computer software, IT services
Founder Tieren Zhou
Headquarters Lafayette, CA, U.S.
Area served

Tech Excel is an information technology company established in Lafayette, California in 1995.[1] It is a privately held enterprise with clientele in 25 different countries.[2] The founder of the company is Tieren Zhou,[3] and he has remained Chief Executive Officer and Chief Software Architect of the company to date.[4]

Corporate History[edit]

Techexcel was founded by Tieren Zhou, in 1995. The company now also has offices in North Carolina, London, and Beijing.[5]

In 1997 TechExcel released the programs TechExcel ServiceWise, a program that has seen continued use and development to date.[6] In 1997 the company also released a program called DevTrack, which according to authors Luis Levy and Jeannie Novak, is used by videogame and software developers to track all bugs in a program at once "by managing a central database through a web interface" and providing "advanced sorting functionality".[7] The company experienced slowed growth and a reduction of staff in the recession of 2002, but saw expansion following this period.[5] In 2006, after nine years of developing various interrelated programs, the company released the program package TechExcel DevSuite. According to software reviewer John Jainschigg, the program is "an integrated project-planning environment aimed at the specific needs of software builders".[8] In 2007, TechExcel was named to East Bay Business Times's 50 Fastest Growing Private Companies in the East Bay Area.[9]

Software Uses[edit]

The function of TechExcel programs are, generally, to unify Application Lifecycle Management with Support and Service applications,[10] for both agile and non-agile development teams.[11] The software is used in a diverse number of industries: communications, engineering, retail industry, and video games.

Recent Events[edit]

In the first year the Software Development Times 100 Awards List merged the categories of "concepts as continuous integration and delivery" and "agile development" into a single "life-cycle management" category, TechExcel was named one of the 20 best companies—alongside companies like IBM, Microsoft, and Mercurial.[12] In the last several years they have also been nominated for an American Business Award[13] and have been a finalist for the 2009 Best Project Management Solution award, which is awarded by the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA).


2000: CRM Excellence Award for ServiceWise software program[14]


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