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Technex, IIT (BHU) Varanasi
Duration 3 days
Venue IIT (BHU) Varanasi
Location Varanasi, India
Coordinates 25°16′07″N 82°59′25″E / 25.26861°N 82.99028°E / 25.26861; 82.99028Coordinates: 25°16′07″N 82°59′25″E / 25.26861°N 82.99028°E / 25.26861; 82.99028
Type Non-Profit Student Organisation
Theme Transcendence is cool. Sustainability, better.
Organised by IIT (BHU) Varanasi
Participants 20,000+

Technex is the annual techno-management festival of Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi[1] held as a three-day event in late February or early March.[2] The festival and its organising team hold a number of activities throughout the year, as well as several social initiatives to encourage novel technological solutions to major scientific challenges like resource shortages, climate change, and day-to-day problems.[3]

Technex provides opportunities to students hailing from different institutes in India amd abroad. The festival comprises of a number of events, including competitions, workshops and guest lectures from reputed personalities, alongside several social outreach initiatives.


The name is a portmanteau: TECHnical NEXtgeneration. The event started as MODEX, a engineering model demonstration at the IT, BHU, in 1970. Even as the exhibition of technical models including robotics, aero modelling and other stream engineering are included under Technex, a number of management-oriented programmes like entrepreneurship workshop, business planning, case studies, panel discussion and overall personality development programmes were lined up.

In Technex ’07, a Pro-Night from CMU-USA featuring Humanoids developed by Prof. Jacky Baltes from University of Manitoba, Canada was also conducted.

For the first time in the history of the Institute of Technology (IT) of Banaras Hindu University (BHU), a Magnum Opus programme - a conglomeration of Opulence (a management oriented fest running since 2004) and Technex - was held to showcase some of the best technological talent of the country during 19-22 February 2009. The Director ordered that the annual festivals TECHNEX and OPULENCE being held separately during the past few years would then be held together as a part of a single activity to be known as MAGNUM OPUS. The Charles A. King Memorial Fine Arts Exhibition, which was not being organised for some years, was also organised as a part of this annual activity. In 2011, Magnum Opus was renamed as Technex, and this techno-management fest has been running under the same name since.

At Technex 2014, guests lectures included Prof. Harish Chandra VermaProf, Anil Kumar Gupta, Dr. Rajendra K. Pachauri, Dr. Rabindra D. Mehta, Dr. Subir Gokarn and Dr. Peter Jenni. OYO Rooms sponsored Technex 2015 guest lectures had the a renowned Bharat Ratna awarded chemist Dr C.N.R. Rao and Prof. Bjarne Stroustrup also known as father of C++ programming language. The Pronite featured Kanan Gill and Eric Griener and Alexander Tezla- popular for card tricks and brain manipulation.

Technex 2016 hosted guest lectures by Dr Rosaly Lopes - Senior Research Scientist NASA, Ms. Vinita Bali - MD CEO Britannia and Business women of the year in 2009 by Economic Times, Mr. Atul Gurtu - Lead scientist - Hadron Collider CERN High energy physicist, Gianni di Caro-Senior researcher - IDSIA, Switzerland; multi-robot network & swarm robotics specialist, Mr. Santosh Desai MD - CEO Futurebrands and Prahlad Kakkar- Indian ad guru.

The workshops included Android development, Social media analytics, Machine learning, Automobile workshops, Ethical hacking, Bridge design etc.

The VCS included Japan Vyas - Sixth sense ventures adviser, Samiron Ghoshal - Ernst & young LLP, Ganesh Rengaswamy- Guono capital, travelguru,com, Rajiv Jamkhedar -Serengeti ventures.


Technex is an entirely student organized festival.

Events and workshops[edit]

More than 50 events take place. Numerous workshops are held to give hands-on experience 3D Printing, Swarm Robotics, Bridge Design, Digital Marketing, Data Mining, Ethical Hacking, Automobile, Android App Development, etc.


Technex holds several exhibitions to showcase some of the remarkable things students are capable of creating and contributing to real world. These include Ornithopter, VR Simulator, Mind Controlled Robot, Robo Hand, Bowling Robot, Green Building Materials, Golf Simulator, Humanoid Bot: INDRO, 3D Printer, Cube Solver Bot, Bio-Bot, Industrial Robot and NAO.

Startup Fair[edit]

Startup Fair, a national convention for young entrepreneurs, was organised by IIT (BHU) Varanasi in association with MCIIE. It featured a plethora of events including guest lectures, elevator pitch, workshops, Networking Meet and panel discussions.

The goal of Startup Fair is to give something to the startup community by introducing emerging startups to resources, mentorship, and investment opportunities. It is most interested in working with entrepreneurs using data management to solve public policy, human development, and business challenges.

Social campaigns[edit]

Technex incorporates several socio-environental events under the category PAHAL. Pahal intends to nurture a new breed of socially conscious technocrats with the skills and temperament to make our society and this world a better place to live in, by providing innovative engineering solutions to its problems and dilemmas. The events under Pahal include Aagaz, Sampan, Swachch, Vision and Greenx.


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