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TGL, Inc.
Native name
Kabushiki-gaisha Ti Ji Eru
FoundedJuly 1984

TGL, Inc. (Technical Group Laboratory, Inc.) (株式会社テイジイエル Kabushiki-gaisha Ti Ji Eru) is a Japanese company dealing with developing, constructing and planning of various computer systems and software. This company supports the operating systems: Java, C, C++, Oracle, asp, Linux, Unix, Windows NT.


  • Entergram Inc. (株式会社エンターグラム, Kabushiki-gaisha Entāguramu)(formerly TGL PLANNING INC. (株式会社テイジイエル企画, Kabushiki-gaisha Ti Ji Eru Kikaku) and TGL SALES INC. (株式会社テイジイエル販売, Kabushiki-gaisha Ti Ji Eru Hanbai)): It is TGL's video game development and publishing subsidiary. TGL Planning was founded on August 5, 1999 while TGL Sales was founded on December 14, 2005.
    • Partner Brand (パートナーブランド, Pātonā Burando): It consists of the game brands part of Entergram.
    • Giga - a brand used for adult titles.
  • TGL Career Produce Inc. (株式会社テイジイエルキャリアプロデュース, Kabushiki-gaisha Ti Ji Eru Kyaria Purodyūsu): It is TGL's employment service subsidiary.
  • Technical Group Laboratory international (TGL國際): It is TGL's Korean subsidiary.

Former subsidiaries[edit]

  • Taiwan TGL Corporation (台灣帝技爺如科技股份有限公司): It is a video game publisher for Taiwan market. The company was founded in 2000 following 4 years of establishing TGL Taiwan branch.[1] In 2002-10, Soft-World International Corporation increases its stake to Taiwan TGL Corporation to 72.46, making it the subsidiary of SWIC.[2] In 2003, Taiwan TGL Corporation was reported to be merged into Game Flier International Corporation (遊戲新幹線)[3], but the process of dissolving Taiwan TGL Corporation would only take place at the end of June 2009.[4]


Title Platform(s) Release date
Sword Dancer PC-9800 series 1990
Farland Story PC-9800 series 1992
Edge PC-9800 series January 15, 1993
Farland Story Denki: Arc Ou no Ensei PC-9800 series February 10, 1994
Farland Story: Tenshi no Namida PC-9800 series July 15, 1994
Advanced V.G. PC Engine CD-ROM² July 22, 1994
PlayStation April 19, 1996
Sega Saturn March 14, 1997
Farland Story: Hakugin no Tsubasa PC-9800 series November 11, 1994
Farland Story: Daichi no Kizuna PC-9800 series March 17, 1995
Farland Story: Kamigami no Isen PC-9800 series July 21, 1995
Super Variable Geo Super Famicom July 21, 1995
Farland Story: Juuou no Akashi PC-9800 series October 11, 1995
Appareden - Fukuryuu no Shou PC-9800 series October 11, 1995
Farland Saga: Toki no Michishirube Windows May 30, 1997
Farland Story: Yottsu no Fuuin Windows June 20, 1997
Advanced V.G. 2 PlayStation September 23, 1998
Sengoku Bishōjo Emaki PC-9800 series 1998
Dark Solid Windows June 8, 1999
Farland Odyssey ~Densetsu wo Tsugu Mono~ Windows July 9, 1999
Farland Odyssey II ~Kimi ni Okuru Serenade~ Windows September 22, 2000
Farland Symphony Windows February 15, 2002
Baldr Bullet: Equilibrium PlayStation 2 October 25, 2007
Giga ports
Title Platform(s) Release date
Steam-Heart's PC Engine CD-ROM² March 22, 1996
Sega Saturn September 23, 1998
Baldr Force Standard Edition Windows March 23, 2007
Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku o PlayStation Vita December 17, 2015


  • Kazue Yamamoto

Character Designs

  • Sasaki Ikuko (佐々木郁子) - Sengoku Bishoujo Emaki, Farland Odyssey series.
  • Tomokazu Kazue
  • Takahiro Kimura – Variable Geo series.


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