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The Technical Group Laboratory, Inc. is a Japanese company dealing with developing, constructing and planning of various computer systems and software. This company supports the operating systems: Java, C, C++, Oracle, asp, Linux, Unix, Windows NT.


  • TGL PLANNING INC. (株式会社テイジイエル企画): It is a video game development and publisher for Japan market. The TGL SALES INC. (as TGL) publishes all-age titles, with Giga serves as a publisher brand for adult titles.
  • TGL SALES INC. (株式会社テイジイエル販売): It is TGL's video game developer, and publisher for Japan market.
  • Technical Group Laboratory international (TGL國際): It is Technical Group Laboratory, Inc.'s Korean subsidiary.
  • TGL CAREER PRODUCE (株式会社テイジイエルキャリアプロデュース): It is an employment service company.

Former subsidiaries[edit]


  • ADVANCED Variable Geo 2 Variable Geo series (home console releases for PlayStation)
  • Princess Quest R
  • Sengoku Bishōjo Emaki
  • Farland Saga series

TGL also made other hit games in Japan such as Chocolate Maid Cafe Curio (Jan. 2007) for PC.


  • Kazue Yamamoto

Character Designs

  • Sasaki Ikuko(佐々木郁子) - Sengoku Bishoujo Emaki, Farland Odyssey series.
  • Tomokazu Kazue
  • Takahiro Kimura - Variable Geo series.

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