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A Technical Master is a person, in the field of theatre, who has a good knowledge of most of the equipment used in and for the production. The technical master should know how the equipment functions, how to use the equipment, and how to make repairs in cases of malfunction of the equipment. This person can be one of the busiest person during a performance, as the technical master will be needed to do tasks when the normal operator is not there, or when the person that has normally operated certain equipment has left the position for one reason or another, and needs to be replaced. In these instances technical master will be the interim operator (unless he/she appoints another person to fill the position). The technical master may also be required to step in if the normal operator has encountered a problem, and does not know how to correct it.

In many small to medium-sized theatrical productions the role of technical master will be filled by either the technical director or his assistant.

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