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Technical University
Технически университет
Established15 October 1945 (1945-10-15)
RectorGeorgi Mihov
Undergraduates7029 (October 2011)[1]
Postgraduates2173 (October 2011)
Coordinates: 42°39′26″N 23°21′20″E / 42.65722°N 23.35556°E / 42.65722; 23.35556

The Technical University (Bulgarian: Технически университет), based in Sofia, is the largest technical university in Bulgaria.

Founded on 15 October 1945 as part of the Higher Technical School (later renamed to State Polytechnic), it is an independent institution since 1953, when the Polytechnic was divided into four separate technical institutes. It has had its present name and university status since 21 July 1995 and has 14 main faculties based in Sofia, Plovdiv and Sliven, as well as 3 additional ones with education only in foreign languages — German, English and French.


With Decree No 237, published in the State Gazette issue 248 from 24.10.1945, of the National Assembly of Bulgaria, a school called "State Polytechnic" is created with Mechanical engineering faculty with four divisions - mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and mining and geology.

In 1953, the State Polytechnic was split into four new higher institutes, one of which was the Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. It had two faculties - one of mechanical and one of electrical engineering.

Two years later, in 1955, the word "Higher" was added to the name.

In 1959, a faculty of Transport and Communications was formed[2] which four years later (in 1963) was split into Faculty of Transport (existing until today) and Faculty of Radio Electronics.

The last was split into three in 1987[3] - Faculty of Electronic Engineering and Technology, Faculty of Telecommunications and Faculty of Computer Systems and Control all existing today. Some of the staff of the newly formed Faculty of Computer Systems and Control used to previously work in the Faculty of Automatics, which was separated from the faculty of Electrical Engineering in 1974.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering was only split once, in 1963,[4] when two new faculties - of Machine Technology and of Power Engineering and Power Machines, were formed from it.

In 1991, the faculty of Management was formed.

In 1991 the current name was given - Technical University of Sofia.


year number of applications available places applicants per place specialties
2007 5800 3000 1,9 29


In Sofia, the campus consists of a total of 14 building used for studies.

The entrance and the main building (Rectorate)
Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Building 1 used to be army barracks and now houses the administration of the university as well as the administration, the offices of scientists and most laboratories of:

  • The faculty of Electronics Engineering and Technology
  • The faculty of Telecommunications
  • The faculty of Computer Systems and Control

The University Publishing House, the University Information Resources Center are also situated there. The language center is a building dedicated only to foreign language learning. Also a separate building - Sports center houses an olympic size swimming pool and a number of other sports halls.


The university is divided into:

  1. main faculties in Sofia (11):
  2. main faculties in Plovdiv (2):
  3. a main faculty in Sliven:
  4. faculties with education in foreign languages in Sofia (3):

In its educational structure the Technical University of Sofia includes as well:

  1. colleges (higher schools):
    • United Technical College, Sofia
    • Technical College "John Atanasov", Plovdiv
    • College, Sliven
  2. high schools
    • Technological School of Electronic Systems, Sofia
    • Professional secondary school of Computer Technologies and Systems, Pravets

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