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A technical file is a set of documents that describes a product and can prove that the product was designed and according to the requirements of a quality management system.

All products that have a CE mark must have a technical file which must contain the information that proves that the product conforms with the EU directives for CE-marked products. EU enforcement authorities may demand a copy of the technical file for many years after the last product was made. Customers do not usually have access to the technical file.

A technical file is usually based on a document archive system that ensures longevity of documents and can either be on paper or in electronic files. One document may be named "technical file" and list all other documents that are considered part of the technical file.

A technical file includes drawings, specifications, reports, review records, meeting minutes, labels, instructions for use, software source code, etc.

The sub-clause 4.2.3 of ISO 13485:2016 requires a manufacturer of a medical device to establish a technical file (medical device file).

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A similar concept in the USA is the Device Master Record for medical devices.


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