Technion Faculty of Electrical Engineering

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Technion Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Technion.jpg
Parent institution Technion
Established 1947
Dean Ariel Orda
Location Haifa, Israel
Franz Ollendorff founder of the Faculty of Technology in 1938 the ancestor of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering

The Technion Faculty of Electrical Engineering is an academic faculty of the Technion founded in 1947 before the State of Israel which focuses on the training of electrical engineers and computer engineers in various disciplines including CAD, VLSI, Image processing, Signal processing, Solid-state electronics, communication systems, integrated circuits, Parallel computing and systems, and embedded systems.[1] The current Dean of Faculty is Professor Ariel Orda.[2]


In 1938[3] Franz Ollendorff, an Israeli physicist, established the department of Electrical Engineering under the Faculty of Technology. Franz became its first dean the following year. In 1947 the Faculty of Electrical Engineering was established after it split from the Faculty of Technology.[4][5]


Today, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering is the largest faculty in the Technion with over 2,000 undergraduate students and over 400 master and doctorate students. The faculty consistently ranks among the top 10 Electrical and Computer Engineering faculties in the world.[1][citation needed]

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