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Technodon Live
Live album by Yellow Magic Orchestra
Released August 25, 1993 (1993-08-25)
Recorded 11 June 1991 at the Tokyo Dome, Tokyo Dome City, Bunkyo, Tokyo
Genre Techno
Length 1:10:12
Label EMI Music Japan, Eastworld
Yellow Magic Orchestra chronology
Technodon Live
Live at Budokan 1980

Technodon Live is a live album by Yellow Magic Orchestra. It was recorded on the band's second and last show at the Tokyo Dome in 1993, and is the only full music album of the band's Technodon era. It is composed mostly of Technodon material (although this album lacks "Nostalgia", "Silence of Time", "O.K." and "Pocketful of Rainbows", Technodon was played live in its entirety) with a few songs from Yellow Magic Orchestra and Solid State Survivor performed in the Technodon style. During the live performance, special audio effects were performed by Goh Hotoda, who also mixed both Technodon & this album, and computer graphics created by Daisaburo Harada were projected on a screen on the back of the stage.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks arranged by YMO.

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Be a Superman"   Ryuichi Sakamoto, Yukihiro Takahashi Sakamoto, Takahashi 5:42
2. "Nanga Def?"   Sakamoto Haruomi Hosono, Sakamoto, Takahashi 5:15
3. "Floating Away"   William Gibson Hosono, Takahashi 6:48
4. "Dolphinicity"     Hosono 5:14
5. "I Tre Merli"     Hosono, Sakamoto, Takahashi 6:15
6. "Hi-Tech Hippies"   Hosono, Sakamoto, Takahashi Hosono, Sakamoto, Takahashi 4:35
7. "Castalia"     Sakamoto 5:29
8. "Behind the Mask"   Chris Mosdell Sakamoto, Takahashi 5:39
9. "La Femme Chinoise (中国女 Chūgoku Onna?)"   Mosdell Takahshi 4:58
10. "Waterford"     Sakamoto, Takahashi 5:43
11. "Chance
Rydeen (雷電 Raidīn?) Ending"  
12. "Tong Poo (東風 Ton Pū?)"     Sakamoto 5:21
13. "Firecracker"     Martin Denny 3:36
Total length:


Sampled from the originals[edit]

  • William S. Burroughs - Voice on "Be a Superman" & "I Tre Merli"
  • Ruriko Kamiya - Voice on "Be a Superman"
  • William Gibson - Voice on "Floating Away"
  • Hirofumi Tokutake - Guitar on "Floating Away"
  • John C. Lilly - Voice on "Dolphinicity"
  • Tomoko Nunoi (née Ebe) - Sexy Voice (Vocals) on "La Femme Chinoise"

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