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Technofile Logo

The Technofile was a daily radio show written and produced by talk show host Lazlow. It aired for over 12 years on over 100 radio stations in the United States and overseas. The Technofile broadcast lasted sixty seconds and usually covered a story surrounding a new type of Technology, or gave advice on purchasing electronics.

Notable "episodes" include Xbox 360 systems in cars and news surrounding the PlayStation 3 and Wii. Features were informational and often comical, taking a satirical look at the tech-obsessed culture. Lazlow composed each sketch during the morning, browsing the internet for ideas and traveling to tech conventions worldwide.

The show always started with the words "The Technofile" read by a deep voice, and Lazlow saying "Hi I'm Lazlow..." and going in directly to the news story. During the news, small beeps and whirs are heard to make the show more "Techno Style". The show ends him with saying "I'm L A Z L O W dot com, and that's what's on my underground hard drive," but due to the show needing space, Lazlow usually just said "I'm Lazlow, and that's what's on my underground hard drive."

The show ended on the 27th of July, 2007 because Lazlow is "working on the biggest project of his life."


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