Technological University, Magway

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Technological University, Magway
နည်းပညာတက္ကသိုလ် (မကွေး)
Technological University, Magway.svg
Former names
Government Technological College(Mgw)
Motto Industrialization Empowers Country
စက်မှုစွမ်းအား ပြည်ထွန်းကား
Type Public
Established 2007
Principal Dr Mya Nandar Lwin
Location Magway,
Magway Region, Myanmar
Affiliations Ministry of Education

Technological University, Magway (Burmese: နည်းပညာတက္ကသိုလ် (မကွေး); also known as TU (Magway)) is a university located near the Kanbyar village, Magway, Magway Region of Myanmar. The area of the university is 28.82 acre.


TU (Magway) was formerly known as Government Technological College, GTC (Magway). GTC (Magway) was founded in 27 December 1999. Ever since its founding, GTC (Magway) has been aiming at becoming an international level university of higher learning providing a broad range of academic programs. It offered two-year diplomas on vocational studies and three-year Bachelor of Technology (B-Tech) programs. In 20 January 2007, it was promoted as Technological University which offered undergraduate degree programs in Civil Engineering, Electrical Communication Engineering, Electrical Power Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering and Chemical Engineering.


Program Bachelor's (5Yrs) Master's (7Yrs) Diploma (2Yrs)
Civil Engineering B.E M.E
Textile Engineering B.E.
Electronic and Communication Engineering B.E. M.E
Electrical Power Engineering B.E. M.E
Mechanical Engineering B.E. M.E
Information Technology B.E. M.E
Mechatronic Engineering B.E.

List of Principal[edit]

No. Name Responsible Education Period Remark
1 Daw San San Yee Principal M.E (Civil) 1.12.1999 to 15.10.2002 GTC
2 Daw Myint Myint Oo Principal B.E (Civil) 16.10.2002 to 15.3.2004 GTC
3 Dr. Yin Mon Myint Principal Ph.D (Ec) 16.3.2004 to 16.9.2004 GTC
4 Dr. Khaing Khaing Aye Principal Ph.D (Met) 17.9.2004 to 18.10.2006 GTC
5 Dr. Thet Naing Principal Ph.D (EP) 19.10.2006 to 31.12.2006 GTC
6 Dr. Nanda Tun Oo Principal Ph.D (Ec) 1.1.2007 to 4.9.2007 TU
7 Dr. Thant Zin Win Principal Ph.D (Mech) 5.9.2007 to 29.6.2008 TU
8 Dr. Nanda Kyaw Principal Ph.D (EP) 30.6.2008 to 9.12.2010 TU
9 Dr. Yan Naing Tun Principal Ph.D (Mech) 10.12.2010 to 10.3.2011 TU
10 Dr. Htein Win Principal Ph.D (Met) 11.3.2011 to 27.4.2015 TU
11 Dr. Htain Lin Aye Principal Ph.D (Nanoscience & Nanotech) 28.4.2015 to 31.8.2015 TU
12 Dr. Mya Nandar Lwin Principal Ph.D (EP) 1.9.2015 to present


TU (Magway) has six engineering departments, three academic departments and three supporting administration units.

Engineering Departments[edit]

  1. Civil Engineering Department
  2. Electronic Engineering Department
  3. Electrical Power Engineering Department
  4. Mechanical Engineering Department
  5. Mechatronic Engineering Department
  6. Chemical Engineering Department

Academic Departments[edit]

  1. Engineering Mathematics Department
  2. Engineering Science Department
  3. Language Department

Administrative Units[edit]

  1. Administration Department
  2. Student's Affairs Department
  3. Finance Department
  4. Library Department

List of Principles[edit]

  1. Daw San San Yee (1.12.1999 to 15.10.2002)
  2. Daw Myint Myint Oo (16.10.2002 to 15.3.2004)
  3. Dr. Yin Mon Myint (16.3.2004 to 16.9.2004)
  4. Dr. Khaing Khaing Aye (17.9.2004 to 18.10.2006)
  5. Dr. Thet Naing (19.10.2006 to 31.12.2006)
  6. Dr. Nanda Tun Oo (1.1.2007 to 4.9.2007)
  7. Dr. Thant Zin Win (5.9.2007 to 29.6.2008)
  8. Dr. Nanda Kyaw (30.6.2008 to 9.12.2010)
  9. Dr. Yan Naing Tun (10.12.2010 to 10.3.2011)
  10. Dr. Htein Win (11.3.2011 to 27.4.2015)
  11. Dr. Htain Lin Aye (28.4.2015 to 31.8.2015)
  12. Dr. Mya Nandar Lwin (1.9.2015 to present)

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