Technological University, Mandalay

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Mandalay Technological University
နည်းပညာ တက္ကသိုလ် (မန္တလေး)
Technological University, Mandalay.jpg
Former names

Government Technical Institute(Mandalay)

Government Technological College(Mandalay)
Motto Our Technology To Develop Our Nation
Type public
Established August, 1999
Location Mandalay, Mandalay Region, Myanmar
Nickname MRTU
Website [1]

The Technological University, Mandalay is located in the Northern Mandalay near the Mandalay Hill, Mandalay Region, Myanmar. From 1955, the school was known as the Government Technical Institute. In August 1999, it was upgraded to a Government Technological College. In 2007, it was upgraded to the level of University. It now offers ten bachelor's degrees in engineering and architecture. The duration of the courses is 6 years. The Technological University offers Graduate Degree. Now, the University has attending 4000 students.


Program Bachelor's (6Yrs)
Civil Engineering B.E
Electronic and Communication B.E.
Electrical Power Engineering B.E.
Mechanical Engineering B.E.
Information Technology B.E.
Mechatronic Engineering B.E.
Architecture B.Arch
Chemical Engineering B.E
Petroleum Engineering B.E
Mining Engineering B.E.


  • Information Technology Department
  • Electrical Power Engineering Department
  • Civil Engineering Department
  • Electronic and Communication Engineering Department
  • Mechatronic Engineering Department
  • Mechanical Engineering Department
  • Chemical Engineering Department
  • Architecture Department
  • Petroleum Engineering Department
  • Mining Engineering Department

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