Technological University, Pakokku

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Technological University(Pakouku)
PakokkuMagway RegionMyanmar
Type Public
Ministry of Education Institution no. and Technology Science and Technology

Technological University, Pakokku is situated beside the Pakokku –Yesagyo rood. It is about miles and 4 furlongs far from Pakokku. Kyauk Hlae Khar village is situated at the north of TU and Pantinechone village at the south and Oakkan village at the west . The area of TU is 100.32 acres.TU was opened as G.T.I on 27 December 1999. It was promoted to GTC on 20 October 2002. It was promoted and opened to TU on 20 January 2007.


Cilvil Engineering Department

Electronic and Communication Department

Electrical Power Engineering Department

Mechanical Power Engineering Department

Academic Department


The University offers Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Technology.

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