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TechnologyOne Ltd
Traded as ASXTNE
Industry software development
Founded 1987[1]
Headquarters Brisbane, Australia
Number of locations
Area served
Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, South Pacific
Products Commercial support software
Services Business support
Project management
Revenue 195.124 million (2014)
Number of employees

TechnologyOne Limited is a Queensland-based maker of business-to-business software for the government, local government, education, health and community services, utilities, financial services and managed services sectors. The company provides a range of software to more than 800 customers in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, South Pacific and the United Kingdom.[3] In addition to developing software, the organisation also offers consulting and support services.[4]


TechnologyOne was founded by Adrian Di Marco in 1987, when he decided to use relational database technology to make accounting software.[5][6] Seeking capital to support this venture, he approached investors John and Dugald Mactaggart of J.L. Mactaggart Industries,[7] a former customer, for financial backing.[8]

TechnologyOne set up its first R&D centre at Mactaggart’s hide processing plant in Hemmant, Brisbane,[8] where the company’s first software product, Finance One, was created.[9] Finance One was officially launched in 1991.

TechnologyOne was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in 1999. In late 2000, the company made its first acquisition, Proclaim Software Pty Ltd, which was rebranded to Proclaim One (now TechnologyOne Property & Rating), and in 2007, it acquired an enterprise content management provider, Avand Pty Ltd, and its product, DataWorks, in 2007, integrating it into its software suite and branding it as TechnologyOne Enterprise Content Management (ECM). In 2008, TechnologyOne made a further acquisition, Outcome Manager Pty Ltd, which provided TechnologyOne with a strategic performance planning product, Performance Planning.[10]

By 2009, TechnologyOne had expanded into each of its target vertical markets; government, local government, education, health and community services, utilities, financial services and managed services sectors.[11]


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