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A Technomarket store in Pleven, Bulgaria

Technomarket (Cyrillic: Техномаркет) is a Bulgarian retailer of consumer electronics[1] that operates stores in Bulgaria, Kosovo, Croatia,[2] Serbia, the Republic of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Slovakia, Montenegro and Romania.[3]

Technomarket is the brand name of K&K Electronics, a Bulgarian company founded in 1992. K&K Electronics is owned by the London Stock Exchange-listed British Virgin Islands-based[4] company Equest Investments Balkans Limited.[5] The first Technomarket store opened in 1999. In 2007, K&K Electronics acquired the Romanian chain DOMO, which by the time had entered the Bulgarian market,[1] and established the TechnomarketDomo Group. DOMO operates as a separate brand name in Romania and Bulgaria; in Bulgaria, that chain typically has smaller and more centrally located stores than Technomarket.[6]

As of late 2009, Technomarket operates 42 stores in Bulgaria, 20 in Serbia, 9 in the Republic of Macedonia, 14 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 5 in Slovenia, 2 in Slovakia, 7 in the Republic of Kosovo, and 13 in Montenegro. In Romania, K&K Electronics has 126 stores, all operating under the DOMO brand.


These were the stores of Technomarket as of February 2018:

Country Stores
 Bulgaria 45
 Serbia 20
 Bosnia and Herzegovina 14
 Croatia 15
 Montenegro 13
 Macedonia 8
 Kosovo 7


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