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Technozion is a three-day annual technical symposium organized by the student fraternity of National Institute of Technology, Warangal and is aimed at providing a platform for students across India to assemble, interact, and share knowledge in various fields of science and technology. Started in 2006, it has grown to become one of the major technical festivals of South India with a footfall of over 6000 students. The student body of National Institute of Technology, Warangal is organising the ISO 9001:2008 certified tech fest[1] Technozion since 2006.

The name Technozion[2] derives it meaning from two words, Techno for technology and Zion meaning the Promised Land. Technozion is a collection of events, initiatives, workshops, guest lectures and exhibitions.


Spotlight Events[edit]

Wreckage is an IC engine remote controlled car racing event. Avion-e is a wireless remote controlled aircraft building competition. Jahaaz is a remote controlled wireless boats racing competition. Hovermania is a hovercraft racing competition. These events are the highlight of Technozion and highly entertaining to watch.

Online Events[edit]

Enigma was an online quiz event conducted during summer vacations by Technozion which continues till the day of the fest. Similarly Crytex and Kodekraft are other online events conducted annually by Technozion.

National Programming League[edit]

Technozion in association with IEEE Student Branch, NIT Warangal presents National Programming League (NPL) one of India's largest inter-collegiate programming competitions.[3] NPL pits India's best programmers against each other where their skills are put to test. NPL was conceived in the year 2011 and since then it has been growing at an enormous pace. In the founding year, it was conducted in 50 centres across India and saw a participation of over 7000 students.

NPL is designed to test the basic aptitude, logical ability, and programming ability of an individual. The contestants will be given challenging problems for which he/she should be able to write a fully working and efficient code.

First Round: The first round involves a 30-minute questionnaire involving 30 multiple choice questions on aptitude and logical reasoning with few basic coding questions.

Second Round: This is a tormenting second round where the programming stakes are raised to a mercurial level as the codes become more trying and test the mettle and psychological resilience of the shortlisted students. Top 100 coders will be selected for final round.

Third Round: The third round is conducted during Technozion, where the best and meticulously segregated programmers battle it out to become the Napoleon of programming across the country. The top 50 are awarded certificates and the winners receive hefty cash prizes and the immense reverence in the programming community.

Nation Robotics Competitions[edit]

National Robotics Championship(NRC) is the robotics design competition started during Technozion 2011. The competition was held in two stages, first the zonal rounds aimed at finding talent across the country. The second was held onsite during Technozion in NIT warangal campus.

Backyard Science and Junk-e-tronix are similar such events aimed at increasing the outreach of Technozion.

The other robotics events include "RoboShow" wherein the contestants are to demonstrate a robot that performs interesting tasks for applications such as in entertainment, domestic chores, industry etc., "Rover" is a free design competition-the participants have the choice to design a wired/wireless robots, it is judged by the speed of the robot on a smooth and a rough path.

This year there is a special edition of "roboCricket"-a cricket even for the robots designed by participants.


Apart from technological brilliance, Technozion also envisioned the social development of India. With this motto, Technozion 11 moved one step further in taking several initiatives for addressing social and environmental causes. Technozion aims at utilizing its wide reach all over India to promote research and development in India and to impress upon the masses the benefits of a sustainable way of living.


Workshops at Technozion introduce students to the present day and upcoming technologies and provide them with a hands-on experience under the mentorship of professionals. The workshops conducted by Technozion include Android-Botix - a new approach in controlling robots where students develop the application on Android OS to control the robots using their smart phones and Cyber Forensics & Exploration - regarding various kinds of cyber crimes and careers in the cyber forensics. Ethical Hacking, Chemical Simulation, Forensics are some of the other workshops conducted during Technozion.

Guest Lectures[edit]

Technozion has consistently drawn the world’s foremost experts in their respective fields for making guest lectures, either in person or via video conference. These lectures and demonstrations introduce students to the cutting-edge research happening in various fields, and serve as educational forums that encourage interaction between collegiate students and the finest in academia and industry.

Some of the biggest names are: A. P. J. Abdul Kalam(Former President of India and Nuclear Scientist) Sir Anthony James Leggett (Winner of Nobel Prize in Physics, 2003) S. Gopalakrishnan (CEO & MD, Infosys) Dilip Chhabria (Automobile designer and owner of DC design)


Themes have always been an integral part of Technozion. It defines the objective and feel of the fest. The previous themes have included "Go Green", "Space", "Climate Change", "Technology and Evolution". Technozion 2012 was themed on "Gandhian Engineering".

The theme for Technozion 2013 is Ethical Innovation. This theme not just limits the adverse effects but encourages further thought process that aims at increasing the ability of an engineer to responsibly confront moral issues raised by the technology activity.

The theme for Technozion 2014 is Primitive Engineering,the amalgamation of past knowledge and modern technology.

The theme for Technozion 2015 is Digital India.

Working committee[edit]

The Technozion is a fest conducted by the students of NIT Warangal. Every year a core committee of students is chosen by the core committee of the previous year to oversee the smooth running of the fest. They are aided by a faculty advisor chosen by the administration to assist them in their tasks.

The core committee looks after the all important aspects of the fest like Treasury Officers, Event Conduction, Sponsorship, Publicity, Logistics, Hospitality, Design and Web development and Quality control and Management. Every member of the committee is dedicated to either of these departments. The synchronization between all the working committees is taken care by the Student Coordinator of the fest.

To assist the core committee, a sub-core committee and a work force body is chosen forming an apex structure contributing to a students working team. The success of the fest heavily depends on the efforts and idea of the entire students working team headed by the Student Coordinator.


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