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Techvaganza'13 Logo
Type Technical Festival
Founded 2009
Place Srinagar, India
Institute National Institute of Technology, Srinagar[1]
Slogan Extravaganza of Technology

Techvaganza is a national-level technical festival of National Institute of Technology Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir, India. Techvaganza is a Techno-management festival and is one of the largest festivals in India. The festival is organized annually in the month of April. It is born with the motto of promoting technology, creative excellence and innovation. The festival is making all people acquainted with the future technologies and is demonstrating various aspects which would lead to revolutionizing of our life and country. Events at the festival includes Blind Alley, Sniperbot, Smack Down, The Arduous, Maglev, Storm Warriors, Transform It, Dirt, Mad 4 Cad, CE Brains, Town Planning, Brick Wall Erection, Structurite, Shot Circuit, Digitronics, FPGA, Fulcrum, Circuit Bizz, Vikings, MATLAB Forum, Botorace, IDP, T3RM1N4L_G33K, </Design>, algobat {i,c,s[101]}, De’ C-Coding, Go Fix it, Animation, Spot Event, Techtonic Quiz, Metallomania, P3, etc. Techvaganza also strives for betterment of society with unique initiatives. Be it technical innovations aimed at identifying the greater problems of mankind and applying technical and management competency in finding solutions to emancipate them or a campaign focused at condition of women in our society, black bear and human conflicts etc.


Its main aim is to uplift the technical level of the region, the state and the country to provide a platform for the budding creators of tomorrow to understand what the world needs and importance they play in order to keep the wheels of the society in motion. It is in itself a ceaseless endeavor to encourage Engineering Excellence and bring out the best from national cream of technical talent. Techvaganza has the reputation of nurturing the most competitive and eye catching events to capture the talent of forthcoming engineers.


Techvaganza is a Technical-fest organised by the Student-body of the college. The organizers can be broadly categorized into three sections, viz Managers, Coordinators and Organizers respectively. The Manager deals with the management of the competitions, exhibitions, lectures, & workshops. The Coordinator deals with issues like Accounts, Infrastructure, Marketing, Hospitality, Publicity and Media. The Organizers are the ones who plan and take the initiative from the very ground level to its originality.