Teck Lim Road

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Teck Lim Road

Teck Lim Road (Chinese: 德霖路; pinyin: Dé lín lù) is a one-way road linking Keong Saik Road to Neil Road in Chinatown within the Outram Planning Area of Singapore. The road is lined with conserved shophouses and houses a number of budget hotels.

The road is named after Chinese businessman Ong Teck Lim (Chinese: 王德霖; pinyin: Wáng Dé Lín), the son of Ong Kew Ho (Chinese: 王九河; pinyin: Wáng Jiǔ Hé). He owned a shop known as Guan Tong (Ong Kew Ho & Company), which was well known for tapioca. Tek Lim was a Justice of Peace and was elected Municipal Commissioner which he held for three years and also gave a scholarship to the Anglo-Chinese School.


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