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Tecmar was an American manufacturer of PC enhancement products based in Solon, OH. The company was founded in 1974 by Dr. Martin and Carolyn Alpert and their first products were data acquisition boards for the first generation of microcomputers. Popular products included the Scientific Solutions LabMaster series of boards for S-100 and Apple computers.[1]

Scientific Solutions[edit]

Scientific Solutions Inc.png

In 1981, at the COMDEX show in Las Vegas, IBM exhibited the recently introduced the IBM PC and Tecmar introduced the first of many add-in cards for the IBM PC. These products included the Scientific Solutions LabMaster, LabTender, IEEE-488, BaseBoard, TimeMaster, GraphicsMaster, memory expansion boards, external hard disk drives and tape drives. In 1985, Tecmar incorporated Scientific Solutions Inc. and used this new company to design and distribute the data acquisition products. Their early achievements are now well known and expressed by their corporate saying: Scientific Solutions First in PC Data Acquisition.

Scientific Solutions has a been an independent company since 1995 and is still active as of 2017.[2]

Repositioning as a tape brand[edit]

In 1986, Tecmar was acquired by the technology holding company Rexon. While Scientific Solutions continued to design and market scientific and multimedia products, Tecmar concentrated on data storage. In 1991, Rexon purchased two other tape drive manufacturers, WangTek and WangDAT to add to the Tecmar product line. Then in 1995, while Rexon was having financial difficulties, Tecmar was sold to Legacy Storage Systems and Scientific Solutions continued as an independent company focused on the original Tecmar product line of data acquisition equipment.

Three years later, in 1998, Tecmar was sold to a new holding company, TTI,[3] which positioned Tecmar as a comprehensive magnetic tape data storage brand. This was reinforced in 1999 when Iomega sold their Ditto brand to Tecmar.[4] At this time, Tecmar offered DAT, QIC, Travan and Ditto magnetic tape technologies. In 2000, Overland Data saw this and acquired Tecmar[5] in an effort to complement its line of higher end tape products. This did not last long.

As of 2007, Tecmar is a dormant corporation owned by Overland.