Tecmo Bowl Throwback

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Tecmo Bowl Throwback Coverart.png
Developer(s) Southend Interactive, Tecmo
Publisher(s) Tecmo
Series Tecmo Bowl
Platform(s) Xbox 360 (XBLA), PlayStation 3 (PSN)
Release April 28, 2010 (XBLA)
June 1, 2010 (PSN) [1]
Genre(s) Football
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer

Tecmo Bowl Throwback is a video game released by Tecmo for the Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Arcade. The PlayStation 3 version was released via the PlayStation Network store on June 1, 2010. The game is an update of the 1993 version of Tecmo Super Bowl.[2]


The gameplay retains the classic feel of the series, which the ESRB describes as a "top-down arcade-style football game in which players compete against teams around the world to become the 'International Tecmo Bowl Champion'", with "animated cutscenes".[3]

Key features[edit]

  • Updated 3D graphics and user interface improvements[1]
  • Player and team name editor[1]
  • Online play[1]
  • Season play (three total seasons)[1]
  • The ability to switch between 3D and 2D graphics by pressing the R button.

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