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Tectamus (Texaphos, Teutamos, Tektaos, Tektaios, Ancient Greek: Τέκταμος, Τέκσαφος, Τεύταμος, Τεκταῦος or Τεκταῖος) is a hero of ancient Hellenic mythology. He was son of Dorus and grandson of Hellen. According to Diodorus Siculus, Tectamus invaded Crete together with a horde of Eolian and Pelasgian settlers and became the island’s king.[1] It was the third of the tribes that migrated to Crete. According to another version, Tectamus was a chief of Dorians and Achaeans.[2] He married Cretheus’ daughter, who gave birth to his son Asterion.


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