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Tectamus (Ancient Greek: Τέκταμος "craftsman"[1], derived from tectainomai "to build", "plan", from tecton, "carpenter", "builder") was a king of Crete and hero of ancient Hellenic mythology.He was also called Texaphos (Τέκσαφος), Teutamos (Τεύταμος), Tektaos (Τεκταῦος) and Tektaios (Τεκταῖος).


He was son of Dorus and grandson of Hellen. According to Diodorus Siculus, Tectamus invaded Crete together with a horde of Eolian and Pelasgian settlers and became the island’s king.[2] It was the third of the tribes that migrated to Crete. According to another version, Tectamus was a chief of Dorians and Achaeans.[3] He married Cretheus’ daughter, who gave birth to his son Asterion.


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