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Ted's Restaurant in Meriden, Connecticut, is a hamburger restaurant known for its steamed cheeseburger.[1] This is a regional food particular to very few establishments in Meriden, where it was invented in the early 1900s, and a few places in nearby Middletown CT. The steamed cheeseburger is cooked in a stainless-steel cabinet which contains small trays that hold either an individual hamburger or a chunk of cheese to be melted. The cheeseburger is served by scooping the meat onto a bun and pouring the melted cheese over the meat. The burger is served with a number of customary toppings.

In addition to a strong local following in Meriden, Ted's has attracted more widespread attention with its appearance in the documentary Hamburger America, as well as such publications as the US News and World Report, Yankee Magazine and Connecticut Magazine. It has been shown and mentioned on several Travel Channel shows, including Hamburger Paradise, Man v. Food with host Adam Richman, and Burger Land with host George Motz.

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