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Ted Dabney is the co-founder of Syzygy and Atari. While working at Ampex Ted met Nolan Bushnell and the two jointly created Syzygy with their first product being Computer Space which was manufactured and sold by Nutting Associates. Following Computer Space Ted Dabney's video circuit that was created for Computer Space was used by Al Alcorn to create Pong with assistance from Ted and Nolan. Ted remained out of the public eye after departing Atari and his role in creating the first commercially produced coin-op video game as well as Syzygy and Atari was often omitted or marginalized with several myths attached. Ted appeared on the RetroGaming Roundup podcast in October 2010 and told his story in a two-hour interview.[1] A transcript of the interview is hosted on the RetroGaming Roundup site as well as ComputerSpaceFan.[2]


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