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Ted Hooper MBE[1] NDB (21 September 1918 – 19 March 2010) was a British bee keeper and author of Guide to Bees & Honey (1976, four edition 1997). A standard text recommended[2]) by the British Beekeepers' Association (BBKA) as part of the BBKA exam syllabus. He also co-authored The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Beekeeping (Roger Morse and Ted Hooper, 1985)

Hooper was born at Colyton in the County of Devon.

He lived in Essex,[3] in the UK.[3] He previously worked for Writtle Agricultural College.[3] He held a National Diploma in Beekeeping[3][4]

Hooper died March 2010 aged 91. Funeral Service held at Chelmsford Cremetorian 31 March 2010, which was well attended by members of the Essex Beekeepers Association.[5]


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