Ted Polhemus

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Ted Polhemus
Ted Polhemus.jpg
Born 1947[1]
Neptune, New Jersey, United States[1][2][3]
Residence England
Nationality American[2]
Education Temple University (BA, Anthropology)[1][3] University College London (M. Phil.,anthropology)
Occupation Anthropologist, writer, and photographer
Website tedpolhemus.com

Ted Polhemus (born 1947 in Neptune, New Jersey, United States) is an American anthropologist, writer, and photographer who lives and works on England's south coast. His work focuses on fashion and anti-fashion, identity, and the sociology of style and of the body – his objective, to explore the social and communicative importance of personal expression in style. He has written or edited more than a dozen books, and has taken many of the photographs that appear in them. He was the creator and curator of an exhibition, called "StreetStyle", at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.[3] One of his most popular books is "Streetstyle: From Sidewalk to Catwalk" (Thames & Hudson 1994), which he originally wrote as the book for the exhibition. Ted Polhemus wrote an updated version of Streetstyle, which PYMCA published in 2010.In 2011 he published a revised and expanded version of his early book Fashion & Anti-fashion. Most recently, he has been exploring the social and cultural impact of the baby boom generation and this has culminated in the publication in 2012 of BOOM! - A Baby Boomer Memoir, 1947-22.


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