Teddy Atelier Stursberg

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Teddy Atelier Stursberg is an international well-known Teddybear Company since 1995. They started their business in Wuppertal, Germany. Moved later to Berlin, Germany. Since 2003 they work in the UK. - The teddies are handmade items, made of high quality materials (mainly Mohair). They are all limited to one item. The Teddy Atelier Stursberg sold a Teddy to the folk singer Carolyn Hester in 1997. This was the start for an international career. - Teddy Atelier Stursberg has sold teddies to collectors all over the world. They have attended international fairs in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands http://www.niejewolters.nl, and the UK. - The Teddy Museum in Berlin, Germany, has a range of their teddies on display. http://www.teddymuseum-hof.de/ - Teddy Atelier Stursberg was featured in various international Teddy- and Doll magazines from Germany and the Netherlands. The latest 2-page article was published at http://www.news-and-star.co.uk/ in 2007. - Some other references are: http://www.werbeka.com/venus/venus3/teddys.htm http://www.werbeka.com/venus/venus3/teddyd.htm