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Teddy Kristiansen
Kristiansen, at left, at the Man of Action panel at the 2012 New York Comic Con.
Notable works
It's a Bird
Awards 2005 Eisner Award

Teddy Kristiansen (born 1964) is a Danish comic book artist, known for his work in mystery, horror, and dark, suspense-filled comics. He drew one chapter of the "The Kindly Ones" story arc in Neil Gaiman's The Sandman series.[1][2] In 2005, Kristiansen won an Eisner Award for Best Comics Painter for his work on the Superman Graphic Novel It's a Bird.[3] Kristiansen was also featured in DC's 8th issue of Solo.

Published works[edit]

  • Superman og Fredsbomben (Interpresse)
  • House of Secrets 1-25 (DC Comics: Vertigo)
  • House of Secrets: Facade 1-2 (DC Comics: Vertigo)
  • Sandman Midnight Theatre graphic novel (DC Comics: Vertigo)
  • The Dreaming 36-39 (DC Comics: Vertigo)
  • Superman: Metropolis 6-10 (DC Comics)
  • Grendel Tales Four Devils, One Hell (Dark Horse Comics)
  • Genius, written by Steven T. Seagle (First Second)


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