Tee Productions

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Tee Productions
FounderTommy Tee[1][2]
GenreHip hop
Country of originOslo, Norway

Tee Productions is considered to be one of Scandinavia's largest Record label production it is hip hop record label owned by Tommy Tee, located in Oslo, Norway. Its signed artists include Diaz, Opaque, Warlocks, Son of light (earlier known as N-Light-N), Gatas Parlament and Jesse Jones.[citation needed]

Tee Productions is also looking to start in United States of America as "the marked is bigger" (quote - Tommy Tee)[citation needed]

Tee Production is also known as the "European Dr.Dre" which eventually made André Romell Young (Dr.Dre) interested in working with Tee Production.[citation needed]


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