Tee hangar

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Tee hangar layout

A Tee hangar is a type of enclosed structure designed to hold aircraft in protective storage. This type of hangar is also known as Tee-hangar, T hangar or T-hangar. Typically constructed of metal, they are primarily used for private aircraft at general aviation airports because they are more economical than rectangular hangars. There are two types of Tee hangars: standard (sometimes called stacked) and nested.

Standard Tee hangars provide additional storage area and can use rolling doors. In the diagram, the odd-shaped areas at the end of the hangar clusters may be omitted, may be included as part of the end hangars, or may be used as segregated storage, shop or office space.

Nested Tee hangars require less building material than standard and are wider, but shorter, thereby reducing the length of taxiway required to abut the building. The disadvantage is that rolling doors cannot be used.