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Teen Wolf (season 4)
Teen Wolf Season 4 DVD cover.png
Region 1 DVD cover art
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 12
Original network MTV
Original release June 23, 2014 (2014-06-23) – September 8, 2014 (2014-09-08)
Season chronology
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Season 3
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The fourth season of Teen Wolf, an American supernatural drama created by Jeff Davis and to some extent, based on the Teen Wolf 1985 film of the same name. Season 4 premiered on June 23, 2014.[1] The series was renewed for a fourth season of 12 episodes on October 12, 2013.


Two months after the end of Season 3 and still healing from tragic losses (Allison and Aiden), Scott (Tyler Posey), Stiles (Dylan O'Brien), Lydia (Holland Roden) and Kira (Arden Cho) return to a new semester of school with more human worries than supernatural, while also trying to help their new friend, Malia (Shelley Hennig), integrate back into society. But Kate Argent's (Jill Wagner) surprising resurrection brings a new threat to Beacon Hills along with the emergence of another mysterious enemy known simply as The Benefactor. Scott must also uphold the responsibility of his first Beta werewolf, Liam Dunbar (Dylan Sprayberry).[2]


Promo image the fourth season of Teen Wolf, including new cast addition Dylan Sprayberry




No. in
Title  Directed by  Written by  Original air date  U.S. viewers
49 1 "The Dark Moon" Russell Mulcahy Jeff Davis June 23, 2014 (2014-06-23) 2.18[3]
Scott and his friends head into Mexico, looking for the Spanish hunter clan, known as the Calaveras, that were hunting Derek. The lead hunter, Araya, makes Scott realize that Kate Argent, Allison's presumed dead aunt, has returned and taken Derek. With assistance from Braeden, Scott and the group go in search of Derek in an abandoned town known as La Iglesia, said to be the home of supernatural creatures called the Nagual (werejaguars). When Stiles's jeep breaks down, Scott and Braeden carry on alone. They arrive in La Iglesia and enter an abandoned church buried beneath the town, but are attacked by a mysterious creature wearing bone armor. Meanwhile, a second creature attacks Malia and Kira in the desert. Both groups manage to escape their attackers, and Scott and Braeden find a teenage version of Derek buried in the church.
50 2 "117" Christian Taylor Eoghan O'Donnell June 30, 2014 (2014-06-30) 1.55[4]
Years earlier, young Peter teaches young Derek how to control his shift, using an artifact known as the Triskelion. In the present day, Kate brutally kills a gas station attendant, and appears to be unable to control herself when transformed. Scott and his friends return from Mexico and take Derek to Deaton, who is baffled by Derek's regression. A confused Derek attacks Deaton and goes to his destroyed house, but is then arrested and freed by Scott and Stiles. When Kate abducts Derek from Scott's house, Scott teams up with Peter in the hopes of putting an end to Kate's evil plan. Peter identifies the creatures that attacked Scott in Mexico as Berserkers, who are working for Kate. Kate and Derek access the Hale family's secret vault under the high school, and it is revealed that Kate wants to use the Triskelion in order to learn control over her shift. Scott, Malia and Kira take on the Berserkers, but are easily defeated. Peter confronts Derek and Kate in the vault. Derek leaves to help Scott, while Peter explains that the Triskelion was only ever a trinket; Derek learned control by focusing on his anger. Derek takes on the Berserkers, defending Scott, Malia and Kira, and is able to hold his own: during the fight, he begins reverting to an adult. With Derek gone, Peter and Kate face off, but are interrupted when an unknown individual blinds them both using flash grenades and steals a briefcase from a safe in the vault. Kate flees, calling off the Berserkers, and Derek reverts to his normal age, but with yellow eyes. Stiles and Lydia find Peter alone in the vault, and he reveals that 117 million dollars were stolen from the safe.
51 3 "Muted" Tim Andrew Alyssa Clark July 7, 2014 (2014-07-07) 1.55[5]
Sean Walcott, a seemingly ordinary teenager, is attacked by a mouthless assassin known as the Mute; the Mute slaughters his family, but Sean is able to escape. Stiles and Scott meet a new freshman, Liam (Dylan Sprayberry), who excels on the lacrosse field; worried that their positions on the lacrosse team are in jeopardy, Stiles persuades Scott to use his werewolf abilities again on the field. Scott begins excelling again, but accidentally injures Liam. Deputy Parrish and Lydia investigate Sean's house, where they find a hidden meat locker full of frozen human corpses. Sean, identified as a wendigo, kills and eats one of the cops protecting him and takes Liam hostage on the hospital roof. Scott is forced to bite Liam to keep him from falling off of the roof, saving his life. The Mute kills Sean, and Scott realizes that his bite may have turned Liam into a werewolf.
52 4 "The Benefactor" Russell Mulcahy Jeff Davis & Ian Stokes July 14, 2014 (2014-07-14) 1.72[6]
Peter is attacked and injured by the Mute at his loft. Scott and his friends attempt to plan a way to help Liam deal with the upcoming full moon. Deputy Parrish, Sheriff Stilinski and Derek discover that the Mute is an assassin hired by someone called the Benefactor. Scott and his friends lock up Liam and Malia at Lydia's lake house; unfortunately, Liam texted his friends that there was a party at the house, and many students show up as a result. Lydia deals with the party, and discovers a soundproofed room in her house that seems to trigger her banshee powers. Derek and Sheriff Stilinski locate the Mute at the high school, and avoid an explosive device known as a claymore mine that the Mute planted; the Mute then attacks them directly, but Derek is able to subdue him. However, Peter then appears and kills the Mute. Stiles is able to help Malia gain control over her shift; meanwhile, Liam escapes, but Scott is able to subdue him with help from Chris Argent. At the party, a werewolf is killed by Violet, who is revealed to be one of the agents of the Benefactor, along with her boyfriend Garrett. Lydia manages to decipher the code in the Mute's computer (using the keyword "ALLISON"), which reveals that it's actually a "dead pool"—a hit list of supernatural beings living in Beacon Hills, which includes all of their supernatural friends.
53 5 "I.E.D." Jennifer Lynch Angela L. Harvey July 21, 2014 (2014-07-21) 1.61[7]
Violet and Garrett kill another werewolf at the school, and then prepare to take down their next target during the first lacrosse scrimmage. Malia tries to help Lydia use her powers to find the next cipher key, but when Lydia is unsuccessful, they decide to contact Meredith Walker—another banshee from Eichen House. Derek reveals to Chris that he is losing his powers. Scott, Stiles and Kira spend the game attempting to keep Liam safe, assuming that he is the assassins' target; however, Brett, a player from Liam's old school, is revealed to be a werewolf, and turns out to be Violet and Garrett's target. With help from Meredith, Lydia is able to decipher the second code, using the codeword "AIDEN", and is shocked to discover that the deadpool includes Deputy Parrish. Violet uses Brett as bait and tries to take down Scott, but he effortlessly overpowers her.
54 6 "Orphaned" Russell Mulcahy Jeff Davis July 28, 2014 (2014-07-28) 1.56[8]
Agent McCall recognizes Violet as a member of the Orphans, a group of teenage serial killers. Garrett attacks and poisons Liam, throws him into a well, and uses him as a hostage to force Scott to help him free Violet from police custody. However, Kate and the Berserkers have already abducted Violet, and Garrett is killed by one of the Berserkers. Derek recruits Malia in an attempt to find the pack of the werewolves who have been killed by the assassins, who are led by Satomi, one of the oldest living werewolves and an old friend of Kira's mother. Lydia, Stiles and Deputy Parrish go to Eichen House in an attempt to get Meredith's help in finding the last cipher key; however, she refuses, saying that the Benefactor has ordered her not to help them anymore. Scott and Chris face off against Kate and the Berserkers, but are easily overpowered; during the fight, Scott discovers that Violet has already been killed. Kate calls off the Berserkers, not wanting to kill Chris. Derek and Malia find Satomi's pack, only to discover that they are all dead; they also find an injured Braeden, who has been shot. Liam howls as a distress call to Scott, who is able to hear it and uses the sound to find Liam and rescue him from the well. Lydia deciphers the last part of the list, this time using the codeword "DEREK": the final portion includes Liam, Malia (who is listed as Malia Hale) and Meredith. Deputy Parrish informs Lydia and Stiles that Meredith has committed suicide. Scott and Stiles find the money that Garrett and Violet received from the Benefactor for the murders they committed. Peter offers to teach Kate to control her shift, in exchange for her help in regaining his money and power.
55 7 "Weaponized" Tim Andrew Alyssa Clark August 4, 2014 (2014-08-04) 1.75[9]
Derek rushes an injured Braeden to the hospital. A virus specifically designed to kill werewolves is released during the PSATs, and the school is quarantined with Scott, Stiles, Kira and Malia inside. Deaton is confronted by Satomi at the animal clinic; she explains that most of her pack have been wiped out by the virus, and she was the only one who was immune. After conducting an autopsy on one of the dead werewolves with help from Melissa, Deaton figures out that the virus is a weaponized version of canine distemper, a deadly disease to wolves. With help from Satomi and Derek, they realize that Reishi tea leaves are the cure, and that there is a jar of them in the Hale vault. Another assassin, the woman who shot Braeden, attacks Derek and Satomi at the hospital, but is quickly killed by Satomi. Scott, Malia and Kira are dying due to the virus, and hide in the Hale vault to avoid the assassin who must have released the virus. Stiles discovers that an assassin known as "the Chemist", a teacher overseeing the PSATs, is responsible for unleashing the virus. Agent McCall saves Stiles by shooting the Chemist, who was about to kill Stiles. Using the last of his strength, Scott uses his Alpha vision to find the tea leaves and breaks the jar, releasing the spores, which cures the virus. Malia walks away from the others after discovering that she is actually Malia Hale, Peter's daughter.
56 8 "Time of Death" Jann Turner Angela L. Harvey August 11, 2014 (2014-08-11) 1.68[10]
Kira, Liam, Scott and Stiles start working on their plan to lure out the Benefactor—Scott is put into a near-death state by Kira, brought in to the hospital, and declared dead, and his friends have 45 minutes before he dies permanently. Derek reveals to Braeden that he has now lost all of his powers; Braeden teaches him how to use guns and fight without his supernatural abilities, which leads to a passionate encounter between them. Scott experiences repeated hallucinations in which Liam urges him to embrace his werewolf nature, and tries to convince him that he can kill the assassins. In the first two hallucinations, Liam fails to convince Scott, and is then killed by the Mute; in the third, Scott ultimately kills Liam with the Mute's tomahawk. A confused Malia seeks out Peter to get information about her family, especially her biological mother; Peter says that he is trying to locate her mother, who is known as "the Desert Wolf", but needs her help. Kate and the Berserkers break into the hospital in an attempt to confirm whether Scott is dead, but Chris is able to persuade her to leave; however, Kira's mother is injured by one of the Berserkers. Lydia discovers important information about her "deceased" grandmother that suggests her grandmother was also a banshee. Scott and Kira realize that the Benefactor might be a banshee. Lydia discovers that her grandmother wrote down part of the deadpool code, finds another message in the same code, and questions if her grandmother is truly dead.
57 9 "Perishable" Jennifer Lynch Eric Wallace August 18, 2014 (2014-08-18) 1.48[11]
Deputy Parrish is attacked and burned alive by his partner, only to survive completely unscathed, which brings him into the supernatural world. Scott, Derek, Lydia and Parrish realize that the deadpool is available to anyone with access to it. Lydia explains her grandmother's history; after predicting the death of her girlfriend, Lorraine spent many years researching numerous different subjects in an attempt to learn how her powers worked. One of her subjects was Meredith, but the tests seriously injured Meredith, forcing her to spend a year in a hospital; she never fully recovered. Realizing that her grandmother could be the key to identifying the Benefactor, Stiles and Lydia figure out that the coded message written by Lydia's grandmother was another list of names, including Lydia's grandmother; with help from Parrish, they realize that all of the names on the list belonged to deceased patients at Eichen House who committed suicide. Stiles and Lydia go to Eichen House to look through the files, but are attacked by Brunski, the head orderly, who is presumed to be the Benefactor. Scott, Liam and Malia attend the annual lacrosse bonfire, but it turns out to be a trap; the music distorts their senses and makes them sick, allowing the guards (who were working with Parrish's partner) to ambush them. Derek and Braeden rescue them, and Parrish saves Stiles and Lydia from Brunski, having realized that he pronounced all of the patients on the list dead. Parrish shoots Brunski, killing him, only for Lydia to realize that he was not the Benefactor. Meredith Walker enters the room, still alive, and reveals that she is the Benefactor.
58 10 "Monstrous" J. D. Taylor Jeff Davis & Ian Stokes August 24, 2014 (2014-08-24) 1.44[12]
Kira saves Brett Talbot and another werewolf named Lori from a team of hunters who are after them due to their prices on the Deadpool. Scott races to the Clinic, reunites with Kira and meets Satomi and her pack. Stiles and Malia reconcile and discovers that the tape left by Lydia's grandmother was made at the boathouse. Meanwhile, Lydia tries to get Meredith to talk, but Meredith says that she will only talk to Peter Hale. After realizing that Meredith knew him while he was comatose, Peter uses the werewolf ability to read minds in order to find out how she knows him. Lydia discovers that during her stay in the hospital, Meredith was placed in the same room as Peter. She involuntarily listened to Peter's thoughts, particularly a mad raving where he plotted to hire the assassins of the Deadpool to kill off the supernaturals of Beacon Hills and create a stronger breed in his image, and was influenced by those thoughts. When Meredith heard Lydia's scream at the moment when Allison was killed by the Oni, she decided to carry out Peter's plan; she used Brunski to steal Peter's money from the Hale vault, and hired the assassins to eliminate every supernatural creature in Beacon Hills except Peter. The hunters track down Satomi's pack and Braeden, Chris, Derek, Kira and Scott fight them off. During the fight, Scott further transforms into a new form during a frenzy, but is able to regain control when the hunter he was fighting surrenders. Stiles and Malia discover a room filled with old computer servers behind the wall of the soundproof study at the lake house, which house the deadpool. Thanks to Lydia's instructions, they are able to shut down the computers, deactivating the deadpool and terminating all of the Benefactor's contracts. With their contracts terminated, the remaining hunters withdraw. Peter meets with Kate and, despite being rattled by his encounter with Meredith, continues with his plan to kill Scott and steal his Alpha powers.
59 11 "A Promise to the Dead" Tim Andrew Jeff Davis & Ian Stokes September 1, 2014 (2014-09-01) 1.29[13]
Dr. Deaton captures Patrick, a wendigo who escaped from Eichen House, and returns him to a secret area of the hospital housing various supernatural creatures. He meets with one of the inmates, a three-eyed man named Dr. Valack, who claims to have knowledge regarding what Kate did to Derek. Deaton obtains the information by looking into Valack's third eye, but is sent into a coma as a result. Meanwhile, Liam is suffering from nightmares and hallucinations of the Berserkers. Lydia appears at Derek's loft in the middle of the night and screams. Chris tracks down Kate in the sewers, but encounters Peter and one of the Berserkers instead. Peter impales Chris with a metal bar, pinning him to a wall, and leaves. As Stiles and Liam prepare for the first lacrosse game of the season, Scott and Kira go on their first official date in Derek's loft, but are ambushed by Kate and the other Berserker. Scott and Kira put up a good fight, but are eventually defeated and abducted. Lydia is able to awaken Deaton from his coma; he informs the group that Scott and Kira have been abducted, and that Kate has taken them to Mexico. Peter shows up at the lacrosse game to see Malia, informs her that he has found her mother, and offers her a deal; he will give Malia her mother's identity if she helps him to kill Kate. During the game, Brett helps Liam to learn control over his fear, as part of Brett's debt to Scott for saving his pack. Deputy Parrish finds Chris in the sewers; working together, they are able to free Chris. In the process, Parrish's eyes glow orange. Kate imprisons Scott and Kira in the abandoned church in La Iglesia (the abandoned town in Mexico where she was keeping Derek at the beginning of the season), and informs Scott that she is planning to turn him into a Berserker to use him against his friends.
60 12 "Smoke and Mirrors" Russell Mulcahy Jeff Davis September 8, 2014 (2014-09-08) 1.54[14]
Kira awakens in the tunnels beneath La Iglesia; Scott, who has been fully converted into a Berserker, attacks her and stabs her with a bone knife on Kate's orders. Kate explains that she was instinctively drawn to La Iglesia after she turned into a Nagual, and found the first two Berserkers waiting for her; with help from Peter, she realized that she could also create her own. Stiles, Derek, Malia, Liam, Braeden and Peter set out for La Iglesia. Lydia and Mason are attacked by one of the Berserkers at the school, and are held prisoner in the basement; Lydia realizes that Kate wants to make sure that she cannot help the others. Liam begins to lose control due to the full moon, but Stiles and Derek are able to help him regain control of himself by having him recite Satomi's mantra. With the help of a hallucination of Noshiko, Kira is able to trigger her supernatural healing ability. The pack arrive at La Iglesia, but are immediately attacked by the Berserker-transformed Scott. Derek is badly injured, and Braeden stays behind to protect him while Stiles, Peter, Malia and Liam pursue Scott into the church. Stiles finds Kira in the tunnels, while Peter, Liam and Malia are able to overpower Scott; fortunately, Stiles and Kira stop them before they can kill him, revealing Scott's transformation. Scott attacks Liam, but Liam is able to bring him back to himself, and Scott tears the Berserker armor from his body, breaking Kate's spell and reversing the transformation. Back in Beacon Hills, Sheriff Stilinski enters the school basement and destroys the Berserker using the Mute's claymore mine. In La Iglesia, Braeden is attacked by Kate and the other Berserker, but Chris, Parrish and the Calaveras arrive as reinforcements, and a battle ensues. Amid the chaos, Derek apparently dies from his injuries. Just as Kate and Araya face off, a huge black wolf appears and attacks Kate, brutally overpowering her. The wolf then transforms into Derek, who reveals that his temporary "death" was actually his body evolving into a new form; he is a werewolf again, and can now shift into a full wolf, just like his mother and sister before him. Derek destroys the other Berserker by crushing the bear skull on its head, causing it to disintegrate. Chris shoots Kate with a bullet containing the rare strain of wolfsbane that Garrett and Violet used on Brett and Liam. Injured, Kate escapes into the tunnels; Chris pursues her, and during a confrontation between them, Kate reveals that she tried to kill Scott because she thought that he and his friends had killed Allison. Chris tells her the truth about Allison's death, and Kate flees. Elsewhere, Scott deduces that Peter knew too much about Kate and the Berserkers, and therefore must have been working with Kate. Peter reveals his true plan and attacks Scott; the pair clash in an all-out fight. Peter appears to be winning, until Scott finally embraces his true nature to defend Liam, unleashes his full Alpha power, and easily defeats Peter. In the aftermath of the battle, Chris leaves with the Calaveras to hunt down Kate. Braeden informs Derek that she was formerly a U.S. Marshall, but that she was fired after she became too obsessed with finding a particular target - the Desert Wolf. Lydia gives Parrish a copy of the Argents' bestiary and offers to help him identify what kind of supernatural creature he is. Noshiko informs Kira that she reshaped a chunk of obsidian that Kira used to trigger her healing in the tunnels into a throwing star, and Kira realizes that the throwing star represents her first Kitsune tail. Peter is locked up in the supernatural wing at Eichen House, in the same room as Dr. Valack. After looking into Valack's third eye, Peter becomes terrified and makes a desperate but useless attempt to flee. Peter's fate, and Valack's intentions toward him, remain unrevealed.


A fourth season of 12 episodes was confirmed and premiered on June 23, 2014 on MTV.[1] Filming began in February 2014.[15] Crystal Reed and Daniel Sharman won't be returning, being the first season of the show not to star Reed and the first since season two not to star Sharman.[16] Jill Wagner (Kate Argent) confirmed on Wolf Watch that she will be appearing more this season after her character made a surprise appearance in the season 3 finale.

New cast additions include Meagan Tandy as Braeden (who only appeared in 2 episodes of season 3),[17] Dylan Sprayberry as "Liam",[18] Khylin Rambo as Mason "an out-and-proud athlete" and Mason Dye as Garrett.[19] In addition to this, Dylan O'Brien and Jeff Davis confirmed in interviews that Malia Tate (Shelley Hennig) and Kira Yukimura (Arden Cho) would be regulars this season and join the pack.[20]

On July 14, 2014, during the original airing of the fourth episode of the season, there was an audio failure in one of the scenes. MTV posted the scene, with the proper audio, on its official Facebook account the following day.[21]

Home media[edit]

Season 4 was released on DVD in the United States on June 9, 2015,[22] 20 days before the premiere of Season 5 on June 29, 2015.


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