Teenage Zombies

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This article is about the 1958 horror film. For the 2008 Nintendo DS game, see Teenage Zombies: Invasion of the Alien Brain Thingys!
Teenage Zombies
Teenage Zombies (movie poster).jpg
Directed by Jerry Warren
Produced by Jerry Warren
Written by Jerry Warren
Starring Katherine Victor
Don Sullivan
Cinematography Allen Chandler
Edited by Jerry Warren
Distributed by Governor Films Inc.
Release date
April 15, 1960[1](filmed in 1958)
Running time
73 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Teenage Zombies is a 1958 black and white horror science fiction film, written and directed by Jerry Warren. It was actually completed by Jerry Warren in 1958, but remained unreleased until it was distributed in 1960 on a double bill with Warren's earlier The Incredible Petrified World. Both films are now considered 1960 releases, but they were actually finished several years before they were released to theatres.


While taking their boat out for some water-skiing, a quartet of teens named Reg (Don Sullivan), Skip (Paul Pepper), Julie (Mitzie Albertson), and Pam (Brianne Murphy) accidentally discover an island run by a mad scientist named Doctor Myra (Katherine Victor) who, backed by foreign agents from "the East", intends to turn everyone in the United States into mindlessly obedient zombies.

The teenagers are captured by the hulking, bearded zombie Ivan (Chuck Niles) and imprisoned in cages down in Myra's basement, but the boys manage to escape, planning to find a way off the island and then come back to rescue the girls. When a couple of their young friends arrive with the local sheriff to save them, he turns out to be in league with Myra and has been supplying her with victims for her experiments.

A complicated fight scene serves as the climax, in which a previously zombified gorilla arrives just in time to attack Myra's henchmen and allow the teens to escape. When they are safely back on the mainland and the proper authorities informed, it is implied that the teens will receive a reward for discovering the island and will have an audience with the President of the United States.



  • The movie was criticized for its use of stock footage from feature films by Jerry Warren, who later used it in his most famous film, 1981's Frankenstein Island.
  • Although water-skiing is repeatedly referenced (and may be implied), there is no actual footage of water-skiing anywhere in the film.
  • As with similar zombie-films of this era (such as Bela Lugosi's Bowery at Midnight), the zombies in this film are markedly unlike those portrayed in contemporary zombie-films. Instead, the zombies in Teenage Zombies appear like hypnotized persons.

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