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Teen Agent Cover.png
Amiga Cover art
Developer(s)Metropolis Software House
Platform(s)MS-DOS, Amiga
Genre(s)Graphic adventure game

Teenagent is a 1995 point-and-click adventure game developed by Polish developer Metropolis Software House. It was released for Amiga and MS-DOS. The player controls teenage boy Mark Hopper who wants to be a secret agent. The CD version was the first game to be released on CD-ROM in Poland.


Gold is disappearing around America. The police agency wants to hire a random person to uncover the reason behind this disappearance - they choose teenage boy Mark Hopper.


The game has three sections: "The Three Tasks", where Mark must prove himself by performing three tasks for the captain of the guards; "The Village", where Mark must wander around a village and gain entry to the mansion owned by the villain causing the gold's disappearance; and "The Mansion", where Mark must put a stop to the villain's plans.


When the game was originally released, "The Three Tasks" was shareware, and the remaining two sections could be obtained by registering the game. However, the game was later released as freeware.[1]

Teenagent was later released on Good Old Games as the milestone 100th game on the site.[2] It is one of thirteen free games available on the site.


The game's music was composed by Polish artist Radek Szamrej, aka RST. In November, 2010, video game music community OverClocked ReMix released a free fan tribute album arranging the game's soundtrack.


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