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TeenStreet is an annual international week-long congress for Christian teenagers between 13 and 17 years old. It is presented by Operation Mobilisation. The first TeenStreet, held in Offenburg, Germany in 1993, hosted about 50 people. It was part of the Love Europe Congress. Today, over 4,500 teenagers and volunteers attend the German TeenStreet congress each summer. In recent years, TeenStreet events have also been launched and held annually in Uruguay, Brazil, India, South Africa, Malaysia and Australia. Each event is coordinated locally by Operation Mobilisation's home offices. Program direction is coordinated internationally, led by Dan & Suzie Potter and Josh & Debs Walker. The Director of TeenStreet International is Peter Magnusson. In the summer of 2007, Josh & Debs Walker assumed the responsibility of program leadership for TeenStreet in Germany. The leadership team for the biggest TeenStreet event in Germany consists of Ger van Veen (Fr), Steffen Zoege (D), Rene Zaensler (D), Janet & Henrik Weber (UK) and Christian Pilz (ES).

TeenStreet was named by Dan & Suzie Potter also known as DUZIE. The name was created in November 1992 in Poland. It came as the result of needing a name that would be understood internationally. The "Teen" part was who it was for, and the "Street" part was about having a why to go. The purpose from the beginning was to motivate and equip Christian teens to have a real friendship with Jesus and reflecting Jesus in their world.

As of August 2010 there have been 46 international TeenStreet congresses.

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