Teesra Kaun

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Teesra Kaun ?
Teesra Kaunmithun.jpg
Directed byPartho Ghosh
Produced byN.N. Sippy
Pravesh Sippy (associate)
StarringMithun Chakraborty
Chunky Pandey
Amol Palekar
Satish Shah
Rakesh Bedi
Music byAnand-Milind
N N Sippy Productions
Release date
23 December 1994

Teesra Kaun (transl. Who is the third suspect?) is a 1994 Hindi thriller directed by Partho Ghosh[1] and featuring Mithun Chakraborty, Chunky Pandey, Amol Palekar, Satish Shah, Rakesh Bedi. This film is the remake of the 1990 Malayalam film No.20 Madras Mail, directed by Joshy and starring Mohanlal in the lead roles.


The story revolves around a train journey in Howrah-Bombay Mail. Three Bollywood-stricken, Nagpur-based slackers, Vijay Verma(chunky Pandey), Bingo Nagpurkar(Satish Shah) and Khoka Ganguli (Rakesh Bedi) board the Howrah-Bombay Mail, to head to Bombay to watch a cricket match, and to meet Bollywood megastar Mithun Chakraborty. During this trip, they drink a lot of alcohol. Vijay notices that the people in the next room in his train coach are a couple with an attractive young woman. He goes over to introduce himself, and finds that the man calls himself Mr. D.K. Kadam(Amol palekar), and the young woman's name is Manjula. Vijay wants to change his seat, so that he can be near Manjula, but unfortunately that seat is taken up by a young man, Pankaj Nigam. Vijay attempts to forcibly take the seat from Pankaj, and a fight ensues, and Vijay is asked to leave them alone. During a stopover, Pankaj leaves the train, and when the train starts, Mr. Kadam finds that Manjula has been killed. The police begin their investigation, and they have two suspects, namely, Pankaj Nigam and Vijay Verma. They also find out that Pankaj is not who he claims to be, and that his real name is Sanjay Chopra. Further investigations prove that neither Vijay nor Pankaj could have possibly murdered Aisha Manjula, leaving the police, Vijay and his friends on one hand, and Sanjay Chopra, to hunt for the third suspect (I.e. Teesra Kaun?), the one who actually killed Manjula, and the one who may also kill anyone who stands in his/her way.further Mithun helps his all fans in every way. After a huge fight it reveals that the man who pretending to be father of the Manjula was murderer of manjula's father and he blackmail them always. Finally on confrontation with the Mithun,Pankaj and Vijay Dr. Kadam confess that he was the actual murderer of manjula. In last scene manjula's mother shoots him on station while police inspector was about to arrest dr. Kadam




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